The APHA represents a wide variety of horse-lovers with a wide variety of interests. If you are competitive by nature, check out these programs designed just for you! Get information about showing your Paint horse in APHA-Approved competition, the Paint Alternative Competition program or get involved in our Youth or Amateur programs. Research show records and show results or find a show near you! Get information about sponsoring an APHA approved show, becoming an approved judge or find resources useful for show managers and secretaries. Check out the many ways that you can get show your Paint with APHA below!

APHA Awards

  • Perpetual Awards
  • Year-End Awards

Interested in showing your Paint at approved APHA shows? Here’s what you need to have to get started!

  • A registered Paint Horse (Regular Registry or Solid Paint-Bred)
  • Owner and Exhibitor must have current APHA memberships
  • If you plan to show in an Amateur or Youth Division, you will need the following:
    • Meet Ownership Requirements
      • You or an immediate family member (as defined in SC-160.M.) must be listed as the owner of record for the registered Paint
      • If you or an immediate family member is not the owner, a Show Lease must be submitted
    • Amateur or Youth Card
      • All Amateur divisions require a card to compete:
        • Amateur
        • Amateur Masters
        • Novice Amateur
        • Amateur Walk/Trot
      • The following Youth divisions require a card to compete:
        • Youth Walk/Trot 11-18
        • Novice Youth
  • If you plan to show in Green classes, you will need to know if your horse is Green Eligible for the appropriate classes. To determine this, either pull up your horse’s Performance Record on APHA Online, or submit a Performance Record Request Form.