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AjPHA Executive Committee

Two youth leadership groups, the AjPHA National Directors and the AjPHA Executive Committee, represent members of the American Junior Paint Horse Association. The Executive Committee members oversee all AjPHA affairs, report the status of the association to members, and help govern and direct the course of AjPHA.

How to get elected:

  1. Get Involved! The ideal Executive Committe member is an active National Director looking to grow their impact on the AjPHA program. You must be a current AjPHA National Director and at least 12 years old as of January 1 of the current year.
  2. Apply! If you’re interested in serving the AjPHA Executive Committee, you have to submit your application by May 15! Make sure you know the responsibilities of the office you are applying for.
  3. Campaign! Voting will be held during the annual AjPHA Convention, held at the APHA World Show. Convince your fellow APHA members that you should be their representative!

On the 2024 Ballot

Name Zone Slogan Running For:
Christina Andognini 4 Take action and vote for Christina Andognini. President-Elect, Zone Representative
Angel Baer 4 Angel Baer for AjPHA office. Ready to share my passion and skills with youth in the APHA horse world. President-Elect, Vice President
Morgan Brown 5 Make AjPHA Great Again Zone Representative
Colten Dulin 1 Paint Together Secretary, Zone Representative
Ava Mariotti 9 A vote for Ava is a vote for you! Zone Representative
Natalie Snapp 8 Ride with Snapp to bring the youth back! President-Elect

Executive Committee Project

It is part of the AjPHA President’s role to develop an AjPHA Executive Committee Project that he/she will work on the entire time of their office term. The AjPHA Executive Project will need to be measurable and in some way benefit AjPHA members.

Current Project – Riley Francis

The focus of Riley Francis’ presidential project is to enhance the inclusivity of the APHA for individuals with disabilities. Formerly, APHA featured “Champs” classes, also known as Equestrians With Disabilities (EWD) classes, at the APHA World Show. Her objective is to reintroduce these classes at the World Show and extend their inclusion to regional club shows. Demonstrating success in other associations, there is a substantial demand for the reinstatement of these classes, emphasizing the necessity of their return. Additionally, the expansion to regional club shows aims to create opportunities for local individuals to actively participate in these inclusive classes, aligning with the broader goal of fostering accessibility within APHA.

If you are interested in helping Riley with her project, please contact the Director of Youth and Amateur Activities at [email protected].

2023-2024 Officers

AjPHA President Riley Francis
AjPHA President-Elect
Makenna Noon
AjPHA Vice President Colten Dulin
AjPHA Secretary Hunter Dulin
AjPHA Treasurer Lila Schinker
Zone 1 Representative Hunter Dulin
Zone 2 Representative N/A
Zone 3 Representative N/A
Zone 4 Representative Christina Andognini
Zone 5 Representative N/A
Zone 6 Representative Morgan Hobson
Zone 7 Representative N/A
Zone 8 Representative Lila Schinker
Zone 9 Representative Ava Mariotti
Zone 10 Representative Hannah Janssen
Zone 11 Representative N/A
Zone 12 Representative N/A

QUESTIONS? Please contact APHA’s Director of Youth Activities at [email protected].