2021 Premium Book & Forms

The 2021 APHA Youth World Show will be held concurrently with the APHA Open/Amateur World Show June 25 – July 11.

The APHA World Championship Show Premium Book contains schedules, maps, class entry fee information, eligibility requirements, class entry forms and a wealth of other information.

For questions regarding the newly combined APHA World Show, please contact us at aphaevents@apha.com or (817) 222-6402.


Eligibility Requirements:

Youth World Championship Classes –
For Youth World Championship classes, Youth or related family per rule YP-015 must own/lease their horse postmarked on or before August 21, as recorded by the APHA, to be eligible for all Youth World Show titles, awards and scholarships. 

Youth who own/lease their horse postmarked after May 15, as recorded by the APHA, are eligible to compete for Youth World Show titles and awards upon payment of a $500 fee (to be applied to the APHF Youth World Show Scholarship Fund) but will not be eligible for scholarships.


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