16 earn APHA Judge Tenure Award

Sixteen longstanding judges are recognized below for reaching milestone APHA Judge Tenure Awards in 2023. The APHA Judges Tenure Award honors longtime officials who have served APHA for decades as … Continued

EuroPaint takes No. 1 on APHA’s Top Shows of 2023 list

The European Paint Horse Championship—“EuroPaint”—in Kreuth, Germany, once again topped the list of APHA’s top shows of 2023, determined by the number of horses per judge. While its number of … Continued

Rhonda Culp honored as APHA’s 2024 Distinguished Service Award winner

Rhonda Culp of Little Elm, Texas, will be honored June 27 as APHA’s 2024 Distinguished Service Award winner. An APHA member for 15 years, Culp’s foray into Paints came through … Continued

Rule change proposals for voting consideration at 2024 APHA Leadership Gathering

The following rule change proposals submitted by APHA members and advisory committees will be considered at the 2024 APHA & AjPHA Leadership Gathering. The applicable committee will review and determine … Continued



Regional Clubs are the backbone of the American Paint Horse Association’s grassroots marketing program for the breed. Since its inception in 1962, the Association has approved more than 115 Regional Clubs worldwide. Successful Regional Clubs are those that are well organized, those that have a clearly defined purpose and those that are dedicated to promoting the American Paint Horse. This website is designed to provide club and Association leaders with a variety of useful information and resources.

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