Import/Export Resources

Looking to purchase a Paint Horse or frozen equine semen in the United States and export it internationally? Here’s a list of resources to help you make your dream a reality.

USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services | Equine Import/Export
Requirements for export are set by the destination country. Search APHIS’ database to review the export regulations and health certification requirements.

Emo Trans GmbH | Live Animal Transport
Emo Trans offers solutions for shipping or relocating live animals throughout all corners of the globe.  USA +1 (282) 590-8555; Frankfurt +49 6107 936080; Christiane Thomann +49 1735 297179.

EquiFlight, LLC | International Horse Transport Services
EquiFlight specializes in international horse transport. Services includes USDA quarantine, all necessary paperwork, airport delivery, and customs.

Exporting to Europe? Get Your Zootechnical Certificate from APHA First
Planning to send a Paint Horse stallion, mare or frozen equine semen to Europe? In addition to required tests, vaccinations and health certificates, the European Union added a zootechnical certificate to the list of import requirements.

Markel Insurance
The official insurance provider of APHA since 1997, Markel Insurance offers coverage for horse mortality and shipping.

Select Breeders Services
Providing equine frozen semen and reproductive services. Offices in Maryland and Texas, plus a global network of affiliated labs.

USLGE | U.S. Livestock Genetics Export, Inc.
APHA is a proud member of USLGE, whose mission is to better serve world markets with superior livestock genetics from leading, progressive livestock breeders in the United States.