Judge Recertification

Three-Year Recertification

  • All APHA-carded judges will be required to re-test in-person every three years to keep their APHA Judging credentials. The proficiency exam must be taken at an approved seminar or at the APHA office.
    • All APHA carded judges can complete this requirement at the Color Breed Council Seminar. You must attend all three days of the seminar and come to the APHA carded portion in the evening.
    • APHA carded judges that also have an AQHA card can re-certify at the AQHA seminar in December (when held by AQHA). They must attend all the days of the AQHA seminar and come to the APHA carded portion in the evening.
    • To determine the next year you are due to recertify, use the search function of the Online Judge Directory. Each judge profile includes the last year the seminar and recertification were completed. Just add 3 to that year to determine the next year you are due to recertify! Those who were supposed to re-certify in 2021 will test in 2022 and then remain on their original 3-year schedule as if they had re-certified in 2021, so their next year would be 2024. 
  • Newly carded APHA judges must recertify for the first time the year after they receive their card.
  • Judges must pass the proficiency exam with 80% correct on the rulebook test and 70% correct on the video judging.
  • If a judge fails  either part of the proficiency exam, they will have the opportunity to retake the exam within 60 days, at a date and location designated by APHA staff.
    • During this 60 days, a judge shall not accept any new judging opportunities but may judge horse shows already contracted.
    • If a judge fails the proficiency exam a second time or chooses not to test, their judging privileges will be suspended.
    • The judge will be given a third and final opportunity to take the full rulebook and video testing portion during the annual new applicant exam.
    • If a judge fails all three exams,  they will be removed from the judges list,  must wait a year, and reapply as a new applicant.

Annual Judge Testing

  • All APHA-carded judges must also pass an annual judge recertification online via HorseIQ in place of an open rulebook test.  To meet this requirement, a judge must pay their annual APHA Judges Fee and complete the course.
  • Failure to pass will result in suspension of judging status until the test is passed. Any judge that fails to complete the recertification within the timeline provided will be suspended from the judges list until the recertification is complete and passed.
  • Access APHA Annual Judge Recertification

If you have any questions about judge recertification please contact:
Sandy Jirkovsky (817) 222-6436 sjirkovsky@apha.com
Elizabeth Lawhorn (817) 222-6416  elawhorn@apha.com