APHA Paint Alternative Competition World Championship E-Show

Welcome to the Inaugural APHA PAC World Championship E-Show! This is the only virtual and truly international world championship where you can compete from your home. Just film your performance based on the outlined criteria, submit your video, and our judges will take it from there.

PAC credits will be awarded for participation! Check out the PAC page to enroll your Paint!



Entries will be open August 22 at 8 a.m. CDT and close September 7 at 5 p.m. CDT

Judge: TBD

Who is Eligible to compete:

  1. Exhibitor and Paint Horse owner must both be current APHA members. Go HERE to renew or get a new membership.
  2. Horses must be registered Paint Horses (Regular or Solid Registry) and enrolled in the PAC program to compete. Go HERE to enroll your Paint in PAC.
    • Critique Only entries do not have to be PAC enrolled or APHA members.
  3. There are no additional qualification requirements to compete.

How to enter an APHA E-Show:

  1. Each class is $40, with an optional $25 for a judge’s critique of your performance.
  2. Critiques include private, constructive, detailed feedback from an APHA-approved judge, no matter how you place — a great learning tool!
  3. You can also enter as a critique ONLY, where you do not compete in the classes but can still receive feedback from the judges on your run. For critique only entries you do not have to be PAC enrolled or in legal tack or attire.
  4. Upload your video for each class to youtube, vimeo, dropbox, google photos, or any other video host site that can generate a PUBLICLY VIEWABLE link. You will include this link on your entry form.

To get started, take a look at our classes below. Download the pattern or video specifications, practice and videotape your go, then return here to submit your entry form and videos. After judging is complete, you can receive an email with detailed feedback on your performance!

Patterns will be available here when entries open.

Click to See Class List:

Speed Events

  • Barrel Racing (Youth 18 & Under)
  • Barrel Racing


  • Halter Mares (Youth 18 & Under)
  • Junior Mares
  • Senior Mares
  • Performance Halter Mares
  • Halter Geldings (Youth 18 & Under)
  • Junior Geldings
  • Senior Geldings
  • Performance Halter Geldings
  • Junior Stallions
  • Senior Stallions
  • Performance Halter Stallions
  • Tobiano Color Class
  • Overo Color Class


  • Longe Line (Yearling)
  • Longe Line (Two-Year-Old)
  • Showmanship (Youth 18 & Under)
  • Showmanship (Walk Only)
  • Showmanship
  • In-Hand Trail (Yearling)
  • In-Hand Trail (Two-Year-Old)

Western Performance

  • Western Pleasure (Youth 18 & Under)
  • Western Pleasure (Walk-Trot)
  • Western Pleasure
  • Western Horsemanship (Youth 18 & Under)
  • Western Horsemanship (Walk-Trot)
  • Western Horsemanship
  • Trail (Youth 18 & Under)
  • Trail (Walk-Trot)
  • Trail
  • Western Riding (Youth 18 & Under)
  • Western Riding


  • Cutting (Flag)
  • Ranch Cow Work (Youth 18 & Under)
  • Ranch Cow Work
  • Ranch Cutting
  • Ranch Rail Pleasure (Youth 18 & Under)
  • Ranch Rail Pleasure
  • Ranch Reining (Youth 18 & Under)
  • Ranch Reining
  • Ranch Riding (Youth 18 & Under)
  • Ranch Riding
  • Ranch Trail (Youth 18 & Under)
  • Ranch Trail
  • Reining (Youth 18 & Under)
  • Reining

English Performance

  • Hunter Under Saddle (Youth 18 & Under)
  • Hunter Under Saddle (Walk-Trot)
  • Hunter Under Saddle
  • Hunt Seat Equitation (Youth 18 & Under)
  • Hunt Seat Equitation (Walk-Trot)
  • Hunt Seat Equitation
  • Hunter Hack (Youth 18 & Under)
  • Hunter Hack

APHA PAC World Championship E-Show Rules

1. All classes are judged according to the current APHA Rule Book (PDF).

2. Tack and attire must meet requirements outlined in the APHA Rule Book; illegal equipment is grounds for disqualification. Neat and clean presentation takes precedence over “bling.”

In all Western classes, exhibitor should wear western hat and cowboy boots, a long sleeve collared shirt and pants, ankle length or longer (slacks, trousers, jeans, etc.); shirt, blouse or showmanship type jacket with long sleeves and a collar (band, standup, tuxedo, etc.). A vest accompanied with a long-sleeve shirt or blouse with a collar, and/or a jacket with a shirt that has a collar, is acceptable.  Exhibitors wearing attire that has been deemed inappropriate by the judge will be given no score and their entry will be rolled over to the next E-show.

Optional Western Attire: The use of spurs, chaps, belts, and hard hats are optional.

In all English classes, rider should wear a long sleeved collared shirt and breeches. Breeches are to be of traditional shades of buff, khaki, canary, light grey, or rust (or jodhpurs), with high English boots or paddock (jodhpur) boots of black or brown. Black, navy blue or brown hard hat (with harness if jumping fences at any time on the grounds) is mandatory. Exhibitors wearing attire that has been deemed inappropriate by the judge will be given no score and their entry will be rolled over to the next E-show.

Optional English Attire: Hunt coats of traditional colors such as navy, dark green, grey, black or brown. Maroon and red are improper. A tie or choker. Gloves, half chaps, spurs of the un-rowelled type that are no longer than one inch and crops and bats are optional. Hair must be neat and contained (as in net or braid).

(Please see SC-195: English Attire, SC-200: English Tack, SC-235: Western Attire, and SC-240: Western Tack. )

3. All classes are judged according to the current APHA Rule Book unless otherwise stated. All equipment and attire must be legal, but silver and sequins will not count over a good working outfit. 

4. No crossover in entry from any Walk-Trot class to any loping classes during the same E-Show. Also no crossover from Walk-Only Showmanship to Showmanship. Walk-Trot exhibitors may enter any non-loping class they choose. Walk-Only Showmanship may enter any riding classes they choose.

5. No crossover in entry from any Ranch class into its corresponding Western Performance or English class  during the same E-Show (i.e. Ranch Cutting and Cutting, Ranch Trail and Trail, Ranch Riding/Ranch Rail Pleasure and Western Pleasure/Hunter Under Saddle, Ranch Reining and Reining).

6. To enter into the Performance Halter classes, the horse must also compete in at least one performance class, excluding showmanship. Horses entered in Performance Halter cannot be entered into regular Halter

7. Follow the class’ posted pattern/format and class filming guidelines; failure to do so is grounds for disqualification.

8. Videos must show a continuous shot, and clips may not be edited together.

9. Each video should only include one “entry” for a single class.

10. Video entries must be taped during the posted show dates and submitted by the posted deadline. Failure to do so is grounds for disqualification.

11. The judge’s decision is final.


Awards will be given based on class size

  • The titles “PAC World Champion” and “PAC Reserve World Champion” will be recorded in the horse’s performance record for first and second place winners in each class.
  • 1 to 9 entries: ribbons to top five finishers.
  • 10+ entries: ribbons to top 10 finishers and buckle to PAC World Champion.
  • PAC World Champion buckles also available for purchase from the PH Barn Door if the class size is less than 10.
  • PAC Reserve World Champion buckles also available for purchase from the PH Barn Door for all classes.


Use the sort, search, and page functions to view the results from each class.

(Results To Come!)

Class Score Sheets

Contact Us

For more information, please send an email to elawhorn@apha.com.

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