Submit the following business online at PHcentral.com for fastest service & discounted fees:

To use PHcentral.com for those transactions, first log in or sign up as a new user—remember to connect your existing APHA membership number during sign up!

For physical forms you can print and mail to APHA MemberCare for processing, visit apha.com/forms/registration-forms.

Register your Paint

To register a horse with APHA, you’ll need the following information:

  • Registration information for the horse, including date of birth, and sire/dam information
  • Photos (left side, right side, front and rear)
  • Signature dam owner at time of foaling
    • Signature of the sire owner at time of breeding is required unless the breeding is released
  • Payment for associated fees
  • NOTE: All registrations submitted as of January 1, 2022, require parentage verification

Save time & money by registering your Paint online — if you’re the owner of the dam at the time of foaling, and the breeding is listed with APHA as “released,” you can register your foal at PHcentral.com. The dam owner at time of foaling will need to be logged in, using the PH Central site with the APHA ID under which the mare is owned.

Other Registration Resources

APHA Online Membership — get started by signing up as a new user (or logging in)
Physical Forms: Registration Application, Transfer of Ownership Form, Lost Certificate Form & More
RG-070E — helps some solids advance to Regular Registry via genetics
RG-020.A.1.b — helps some solids advance to Regular Registry via 3 generations of Paint breeding