Maintaining the Charter

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Once the Association grants a charter to a Regional Club, the charter is automatically renewed annually if the club is active and continues to meet specific requirements, as described in the APHA Official Rule Book (Article IX, Section 5). If, for any reason, the club becomes inactive or stops reporting information to the Association, then the charter may be considered for revocation by the Executive Committee. To maintain a charter in good standing, a Regional Club must do several things each year:

  1. Conduct an annual election of officers and directors using the election procedures outlined in the club By-Laws. Only adult club members (19 and over as of January 1) in good standing may vote in the election. The results of the election should be filed with APHA and a written copy of the results of the elections sent to all Regional Club members within 30 days of installing officers.
  2. Establish a date for the annual meeting of the Regional Club and report that date well in advance to its members. This should also be stated in the club By-Laws. By-Laws (Template)
  3. Account for annual income and expenses. APHA rules state that all funds generated by Regional Club activities must be accounted for to the members of the Regional Club. At every membership and Board of Directors meeting, the treasurer must give a treasury report. The treasurer should prepare a budget annually and report that budget to the club, also. The treasurer’s books must be audited annually by an outside party, if so stated in the club’s By-Laws. The results of that audit and the treasurer’s report should be made available to members, either in a Regional Club newsletter or an annual mailing.
  4. Establish rules to tabulate points for year-end awards. APHA rules require that year-end award points must be based on points earned only after a member’s annual dues are paid. Year-end award rules may only be changed between show seasons. After the first show of the season, the rules may not be changed until after the last show of the season.
  5. Host any combination of at least two of the following per year: club-approved shows, APHA-approved shows or APHA-approved trail rides.
  6. Club must maintain 20 members, with at least 10 of those who are also members in good standing of APHA.  Click here for membership list template.  It is vital you include the APHA ID# of each member to facilitate determining which members are in good standing.
  7. Maintain order within the club. If good order is not maintained, or it is deemed that the club’s difficulties (by virtue of discontent or disputes) cannot be resolved, the APHA Executive Committee may determine that it is not in the best interest of APHA to continue to recognize the club.

Click HERE to submit the required annual documents.

If a club fails to conduct an annual election of officers an/or host two approved events every year, the club may have its charter revoked. Failure to maintain club memberships at the minimum level (20 with 10 APHA members), failure to submit club officers when requested and/or failure to file a financial statement may also be grounds for charter revocation because it demonstrates a lack of activity. The APHA may also discipline a club by placing it on probation until requirements are met; by withholding show approvals and/or revoking its charter.