Solid Paint-Bred

A good horse is a good horse, regardless of its color. And while color can be a major asset, a lack of color does not limit your opportunity for success with the American Paint Horse Association. Not all foals will have flashy color patterns, but APHA’s wide array of programs are open to all APHA-registered horses.
In addition, the registration fee for Paint-Bred horses is minimal. In fact, it can be as little as one-fifth that of a normal registration. When you register your Solid Paint-Bred (formerly referred to as Breeding Stock) horse and join APHA, you not only become a member of the family of American Paint Horse owners, you join an organization dedicated to providing members with excellent programs and services, and you have opportunities to earn points and recognition through competitive and leisure activities. And while APHA’s primary mission is to record pedigrees, the association is dedicated to preserving and promoting the history, breeding, training, racing, showing, sales and enjoyment of all American Paint Horses.
There is a place and a program in APHA for everyone—no matter what your level of interest or riding skill. Whether you are young, or young-at-heart, APHA has designed a special program that reflects your equine interests. From the challenge of competition to leisure riding, we encourage you to take advantage of the programs we offer for Solid Paint-Bred horses.
Barrel Racing (PBRIP)
Breeders’ Trust
Paint Alternative Competition (PAC)
Trail Riding / Ride America