Leadership Opportunities

Leadership is a great way for AjPHA members to make a difference in their organization and gain valuable skills that will benefit them throughout life. AjPHA offers several ways for our youth members to become leaders.

“You Don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!” Zig Zigler

Regional Club Officer

Members can first become active in leadership by leading their fellow youth members in their regional club. This allows youth to make a difference right at home, and get involved in making their club all that it can be.

National Director

National Directors are representatives of the state that they live in. They promote and support AjPHA within their state, and are the voting members for the rules, by-laws and executive committee of AjPHA.

Executive Committee

The AjPHA Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing all of the affairs of the association, reporting the status of the association to members, and helping govern and direct the course of AjPHA.


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