Official APHA Rule Book

The postmark deadline for submission of proposed Rule Book Revisions is found in the front of the Rule Book in the Deadlines and Tentative Meetings Schedule.  Rule Book Revisions must be submitted electronically in a word document to Allyson Pennington, Staff Liaison for the Rules Advisory Committee at allysonp@apha.com.   All Rule Book Revision proposals will be reviewed by the Rules Advisory Committee, the Board of Directors and all appropriate Advisory Committees.  Rule Book Revision proposals will be voted on during the Board of Directors Meeting at the APHA Convention.

Carry APHA in your pocket! Download the Official APHA Rule Book to your iPhone, iPad, Android or iReader. It’s easy!  First, find out if the iBook app is already available on your device.  If it isn’t, download the free iBook app to your device. Next, click on the Rule Book icon above.  When the PDF loads on your device, with a simple tap of the screen you will be asked if you would like to view the pdf as an iBook. Make that selection; the Rule Book is then saved on your device. Each time you return to your iBook app you will see the Rule Book cover on your bookshelf.

With an easy-to-use interface and table of contents, you’ll have 24/7 access to the ultimate APHA guide. Search for keywords, bookmark pages and make referencing rules faster than ever before!

To request a printed copy of the APHA Rule Book via email please send your request complete with name and current APHA membership ID number to lkeck@apha.com.

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