Registration Forms

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Or download the following forms to register or transfer ownership of your American Paint Horse.

Online Payment Form

Registration Forms
Registration Application
International Appendix Registration Application
Affidavit for Corrected Certificate
Name Change Affidavit
DNA Kit Order Form

Gelding Report Form
Mare Enrollment Form
How to Register a Cropout

Transfer/Ownership Forms
Transfer Report
Transfer Indemnity 
Affidavit for Duplicate Certificate
Current Owner Affidavit
Stableman’s Lien Affidavit
Affidavit of Heirship
—No Will
Affidavit of Heirship
—Will With No Probate
Breeders’ Trust Re-Enrollment
Show Lease Authorization Form

Breeding Forms
Stallion Breeding Report
How To List a Stallion for Breeding
Breeders Certificate Indemnity Agreement
DNA Kit Order Form
OLWS DNA Request (for AQHA stallions with 5-panel already completed)
Breeding Lease Authorization
Breeding Lease Cancellation
Embryo Transfer Application

Vitrified Embryo Transfer Application
Mare Enrollment Form

Cooled Transported/Frozen Semen Permit Application—Eliminated as of January 1, 2017

Signature Forms
Signature Authorization Form
Conditional Signature Authorization


International Forms

Registration Application—Dutch (Registratieaanvraag)
Registration Application—Spanish
(Solicitud de inscripción)
Registration Application—French
(Déclaration de Naissance)
Registration Application—German (Antrag auf Registrierung)
Registration Application—Italian (Domanda di registrazione)

Transfer Report—Spanish (Informe de transferencia)
Transfer Report—French (Formulaire de Transfert)

Transfer Report—German (Besitzwechsel)
Transfer Report—Dutch (Overschrijvingsbewijs)
Transfer Report—Italian (Passaggio di proprietà)
Transfer Report—Croatian (Promjena vlasništva konja)
Transfer Report—Portuguese (Formulário de Tranferência)
Transfer Report—Japanese (トランスファーリポート)
Transfer Report—Czech
(Hlášení o změně majitele koně)
Transfer Report—Slovak
(Hlásenie o zmene majiteľa koňa)

Stallion Breeding Report—German (Bedeckungsbericht)
Stallion Breeding Report—Italian (Dichiarazione delle monte)
Stallion Breeding Report—French (Declaration de saillie)
Stallion Breeding Report—Spanish (Informe de cría de sementales)
Stallion Breeding Report—Dutch (Dekboek van de hengst)

Affidavit for Duplicate Certificate—French (Déclaration sur l’Honneur pour Duplicata)
Affidavit for Duplicate Certificate—German (Eidesstattliche Erklärung zur Erstellung eines Ersatz Papieres)
Affidavit for Duplicate Certificate—Italian
(Dichiarazione Giurata per il Rilascio di un Duplicato del Certificato)
Affidavit for Duplicate Certificate—Dutch (Beëdigde verklaring voor een duplicaat certificaat)

DNA Hair Kit Order Form—French (Commande de Kit ADN)
DNA Hair Kit Order Form—Dutch (Bestelformulier voor DNA haar kit)
DNA Hair Kit Order Form—Italian (Modulo d’ordine per DNA Hair Kit)
DNA Hair Kit Order Form—German (Bestellformular für DNA Hair Kit)
DNA Hair Kit Order Form—Spanish (Formulario de pedido de kit de ADN de cabello)

How to List a Stallion for Breeding—Dutch (Hoe dient u een hengst voor dekking aan te melden)
How to List a Stallion for Breeding—Italian (Come approvare uno stallone alle monte)
How to List a Stallion for Breeding—German (Bestellformular für Wie man einen Hengst zur Zucht einträgt)
How to List a Stallion for Breeding—French (Inscription sur la Liste des Étalons Reproducteurs)
How to List a Stallion for Breeding—Italian (Come approvare uno stallone alle monte

Application for International Appendix Registration—Spanish (Solicitud de inscripción en el Apéndice Internacional)
Application for International Appendix Registration—Portuguese (Solicitação de Registro de Apêndice Internacional)


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