Contact APHA

122 East Exchange Ave. – Suite 420 Fort Worth, TX 76164

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 961023 Fort Worth, Texas 76161-0023

Phone Number:
(817) 834-APHA (2742)

Office Hours:
M-F, 8:00 am 4:30 pm CST


Registration Questions: cgrier@apha.com
Submit work to: customerservice@apha.com

Membership Questions: cconner@apha.com

Showing Questions: showing@apha.com

APHA World Show Questions: hslaughter@apha.com

Publication Questions: jhein@apha.com (editorial); cconner@apha.com (subscription)

Foundation/Scholarship Questions: billy@apha.com

Advertising Opportunities/Questions: kcrawford@apha.com


AjPHA (Youth): mmcmullen@apha.com
Breeders’ Trust: marias@apha.com
Trail Rides: cgrier@apha.com



Good To Know

APHA offers a great, well-rounded intern experience, providing exposure to a variety of departments. Get immersed in what it takes to run an international equine breed registry. Apply here for an internship today! Questions may be directed to cconner@apha.com.

Full-Time Positions:
Please forward cover letter and resume to jmathis@apha.com

APHA Online Support:
If you need assistance with APHA Online, please send a message to awillis@apha.com.

Staff Directory:
If you wish to contact an APHA staff member directly, go to our staff directory page to find their direct extension and e-mail address.

Website Comments or Requests:
Send your APHA website comments or requests to bspringer@apha.com.

Promotional Materials Requests: Click here.

Do You Need Help?

Becoming a member?
Registering a Paint?
Transferring ownership?
Finding breed requirements?
Finding forms?
Finding pedigrees, performance and progeny records?
Requesting a PIN?
Finding a regional club?
Finding a breeder or trainer?
Finding a Rule Book?

If you have an urgent question or need to file any paperwork before December 31st, rather than wait for an email response, we suggest you call us immediately at (817) 834-2742, extension 778.


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