Promotional Videos

APHA Marketing has created several promotional videos that regional clubs can download and use to promote APHA, it’s programs and benefits and regional clubs. Currently the files are in standard Quicktime (.mov) format that will play well on a computer. These files typically don’t play as clearly on an external DVD player, so we are working on creating an ISO version that will allow you to download the file to your computer and burn a DVD that will play well in a DVD player.

The downloadable files are in ZIP format that compresses the file size a bit for faster downloading. Once a file has been downloaded to a computer, simply double-click on the file and it will uncompress. There are also two identical versions of each video, the one with “HI” in the filename is a very large file and requires a high speed internet connection. The version with “MID” in the filename is smaller and will download more quickly, however you might notice a quality difference depending on the computer it is played on.

If your regional club attended APHA’s 2011 Workshop in June, a master DVD featuring all three videos was given to each club. This DVD is designed to play on an external DVD player. The main menu allows each video to be played independently depending on the audience to whom it is being presented.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact APHA Marketing at (817) 834-2742.


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