Chrome Buckle, powered by PBRIP set to launch at Pink & Ruby Buckle Events

The American Paint Horse Association and Pink and Ruby Buckle have partnered to add the Chrome Buckle, powered by PBRIP, a Paint Horse-exclusive incentive at the West Ruby Buckle event, the East Ruby Buckle event and the Pink Buckle in 2023.

“Barrel racing and our own Paint Barrel Racing Incentive Program are exploding, and the launch of the Chrome Buckle, powered by PBRIP will continue to elevate Paint Horses in the barrel racing community,” APHA Executive Director Billy Smith said. “We are thrilled to be able to give Paint Horses more opportunities to add to their ROI within these successful buckle events.”

Cold Hard Cash

Pink and Ruby Buckle have changed the game for barrel horses. The Chrome Buckle, powered by PBRIP offered in tandem with these events helps cement the value that Paint Horse “chrome” brings to the bottom line for owners, breeders and exhibitors. In 2023, the Pink Buckle will have a $3,500 Added Chrome Buckle in the open 4D paid out in the average. Additionally, the East and West Ruby Buckle events will host the Chrome Buckle, powered by PBRIP in the open 4D in 2023 and be paid out in the average for each event.

“APHA has an amazing team who have been extremely innovative in the industry and showcasing Paint Horses,” Pink and Ruby Buckle Co-Owner Chad Beus said. “We are excited to provide a platform for Paint Horses to win more money within our events.”

How to Enter:

  1. Each of the events hosting a Chrome Buckle will have a direct link to enter on the entry page of the associated race site.
  2. Fill out the entry form for Chrome Buckle
  3. Make sure you meet Chrome Buckle eligibility rules
  4. Pay the enter fee

Chrome Buckle, powered by PBRIP rules:

  • Horse must be registered with APHA. Both Regular Registry and Solid Paint-Bred Registry horses are eligible.
  • The owner must be a current APHA member in good standing.
  • The horse must be PBRIP enrolled
  • Chrome Buckle, powered by PBRIP class must be entered per each event’s rules. Must complete the entry form, pay fees and identify the Paint Horse’s registration number.
  • Chrome Buckle, powered by PBRIP is a class within a class.


For questions regarding Chrome Buckle and PBRIP, please contact Carly Peercy at (817) 222-6444 or [email protected].


APHA registration FAQs:

  1. My horse is already AQHA registered, can it also be APHA registered?
    A. AQHA horses that meet APHA registration rules can be registered with APHA—and that helps increase your horse’s value while opening opportunities to compete at more events. Your horse will either need to have at least one APHA-registered parent or a qualifying marking that’s 2 inches or more of solid white hair with some underlying unpigmented skin in the qualifying area.
  2. My horse’s sire and dam are Quarter Horses so how can my horse be APHA?
    A. Even if both parents are AQHA, if your horse meets requirements for white markings, he/she can be registered APHA.
  3. I have a broodmare/stallion that is registered APHA based on white markings; what if the foals don’t have white markings?
    A. All foals by/out of APHA-registered stock (with the other parent being either APHA, AQHA or Thoroughbred) can be registered with APHA, regardless of color.
  4. My horse is APHA registered but not AQHA registered, does my horse have to be double-registered?
    A. No, your horse just has to be registered with APHA.



We will be adding more events frequently, so please check back often.
If you have questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us!

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