APHA is bringing fun and camaraderie to the show by offering a unique team tournament open to ALL youth.
No horse is needed and open to all youth!


Entry Fee & Deadline – All Entries Must Be Submitted Online

  • Received by May 31 – $25/person or $150/team
  • Received June 1-15 – $35/person or $210/team



  • All youth are invited to enter, regardless if they are affiliated with a team, regional club, state association or entering as an individual.
  • Teams that do not have a full six member roster will have individuals placed on their team as needed to complete a six member team.
  • Youth can only be on one team. Individual entries will be placed on a team by APHA.
  • Associations or clubs affiliated with APHA are invited to sponsor team(s) to represent them in the YTT as well.
  • Contestants DO NOT have to be AjPHA members to enter, but must be 18 years of age or younger as of January 1, 2023.

Entries will be limited to the first 50 teams.



The Youth Team Tournament consists of four components and a grand finale finals competition. Events include: 1) The Great Amazing Race, 2) The TikTok-esque Video Challenge, 3) Knowledge Relay and 4) Written Test


The Great Amazing Race

  • All team contestants will be integrated into a mixed team group that will compete in an amazing race/scavenger hunt-type activity that will take place on the grounds of the Will Rogers Memorial Center.
  • A series of clues will lead each group to a specific location.  Each group will then document their clue discovery with a picture of all six members and a representative at that location.
  • This is a timed activity and will be scored based on the number of clues successfully solved in the fastest time. Scoring will be first based on the number of clues solved, secondly on the time achieved. Teams will be placed and points awarded based on the overall point system.
  • Each member of the mixed team will be awarded points that will be applied to their original team.


The TikTok-esque Video Challenge

  • Each team will draw the name of a person affiliated with the APHA World Show.  This might be a trainer, staff, vendor, sponsor, or exhibitor. They will be given the contact information for that person, who will be available and on the grounds.
  • The team will devise and conduct an interview with their assigned individual and will compose a video 1-2 minutes in length.
  • The videos will be judged and scored on creativity, inclusiveness of all team members, and promotion/awareness of APHA and that individual’s role.
  • All videos will be judged and placed with points awarded based on the overall point system.


Knowledge Relay

  • Teams will compete in the Knowledge Relay, a timed event that incorporates team building and general equine knowledge.
  • Teams will be placed on the fastest time to complete the course with points awarded based on the overall point system.


Written Test

  • Each team will work together to complete a written test that covers general APHA and equine knowledge.  Each team will have the same amount of fixed time to complete the test.
  • Teams will be ranked on the number of questions answered correctly in the fixed amount of time.  Should there be ties, additional bonus questions will be utilized to break said ties.
  • Placing points will be awarded based on the overall point system.


Point System

Points will be awarded in all components of the competition based on the following:

1st place………..12 pts.

2nd place………..9 pts.

3rd place………..8 pts.

4th place………..7 pts.

5th place………..6 pts.

6th place………..5 pts.

7th place………..4 pts.

8th place………..3 pts.

9th place………..2 pts.

10th place………1 pt.


Grand Finale Finals

  • All teams will be brought into the arena and introduced at the beginning of the Grand Finale Finals.
  • The top six teams, based on their accumulated highest number of points, will compete in this surprise event.
  • The finals will be conducted as a clean slate finals. Awards will be presented to the top six teams at the end of the finals.