HorseIQ Youth Team Tournament

June 24, 2022 | Will Rogers Memorial Center  – Fort Worth, TX

AjPHA invites all regional Paint Horse clubs to send teams to the Youth Team Tournament. Teams compete in a Jeopardy-style competition, a knowledge relay, and performance classes, which test their knowledge of horses, teamwork, and horsemanship. Members of the top teams take home awards and the title of Youth Team Tournament Champion.


All associations or clubs affiliated with the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) are invited to sponsor a team to represent them in the Youth Team Tournament (YTT). Teams consisting of four to eight youth members may be selected by any means appropriate to the club or region they represent. All team members must be 18 years of age or younger as of January 1, 2022. Contestants must hold a current AjPHA membership. Youth can only compete on one team. The YTT consists of three different team-oriented events:

  1. YTT Jeopardy
  2. YTT Knowledge Relay
  3. YTT Performance Classes

Teams must compete in at least two of the three categories.

YTT Jeopardy
The YTT Jeopardy competition provides an opportunity for youth to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of APHA and the horse industry. One entry of up to four members, will compete in a game-show style competition modeled after Jeopardy. Test scores for each team will be added to the team points. The Jeopardy competition study guide will be horseIQ and the APHA Rulebook. All teams will be given a one-month FREE subscription to horseIQ.

YTT Knowledge Relay
The YTT Knowledge Relay challenges teams to work together to navigate obstacles while displaying their practical horse knowledge. Teams will be asked to perform a variety of activities and navigate various obstacles, all which relate to horse activities or chores in some way. Examples of obstacles include assembling an English bridle, tacking up a “dummy” horse and filling a water bucket using small cups. The contest is designed to be fun and to encourage team members to work together to complete the course. Teams will consist of up to eight members and are encouraged to have members from each age group, including the walk-trot division.

YTT Performance Classes
The YTT performance classes will be the following: Showmanship, Hunt Seat Equitation, Western Horsemanship, Ranch Riding and Walk-Trot Pleasure 5-10 (Western or English. See Rule YP-110 for complete walk-trot rules). Only one team member can compete in each performance class. The same team member can NOT compete in more than one class. Teams lowest placing class will be dropped. If a team does NOT compete in a class, that will count as their lowest placing class. Youth World Show judges will not be used in any portion of the YTT performance classes.

In performance classes, all contestants (including Walk-Trot) can show Regular Registry or Solid Paint-Bred horses and must conform to ownership/lease rules defined in Rule YP-015 of the APHA Rule Book. (Exception: Youth World Games exhibitors residing outside of the United States.) All horses participating in the tournament must be positively identified using a copy of the registration certificate. Horses without registration certificates will not be allowed to compete. Please bring a copy of the registration certificate with you to the Youth Show.

Classes will be judged in accordance with applicable APHA rules for Novice classes (i.e. disqualifications, etc.) See Rule YP-245.H.

PLEASE NOTE: YTT Ranch Riding horses can cross enter into other western pleasure and/or hunter under saddle classes at the World Show.

All team entries must be submitted online by May 16, 2022. All entry forms must be completed in their entirety. The team advisor may designate alternates for each event on the Alternate Entry Form. Teams must compete in at least two of the three categories.

Changes to the team’s entry will be permitted only as follows:

  • Substitutions will be allowed in the Performance and Jeopardy categories, but substitutions must be listed on the alternate entry form for that event.
  • A substitution form signed by the team advisor (as listed on the entry form) must be submitted at or before the advisor’s meeting.
  • Performance class substitutions must be a one-horse, one-exhibitor combination.
  • In the event of a horse’s illness or injury, a horse substitution will be allowed when accompanied by a veterinarian’s statement.

Once a horse is substituted, the original horse may not be shown in any class for the remainder of the World Show.

Entry Fee
The YTT entry fee is $125 per team. This fee is inclusive for the entire team, regardless of the number of participants.

Teams may wear identical outfits when they appear together and during Team Tournament competition, but this is not a requirement.

Placings in the Jeopardy Competition, Knowledge Relay and Performance classes will be used to determine the high-point team. Points in the Jeopardy Competition and Knowledge Relay will be awarded in the following manner:
1st place…..30 pts. 7th place………..18 pts.
2nd place….28 pts. 8th place………..16 pts.
3rd place….26 pts. 9th place………..14 pts.
4th place….24 pts. 10th place………12 pts.
5th place….22 pts. 11th & below…10 pts.
6th place….20 pts.
(Team must participate to earn points.)

Each Performance class will be judged by two judges whose scores will be combined for the final placings in each class. There will be 10 placings in each class. First place will receive 10 points, second place 9 points and so on. Each team’s low placing will be dropped in the performance classes.

After the Jeopardy Competition, Knowledge Relay and Performance classes have been judged, the number of points earned by each team will be tabulated. The team with the highest number of points will be declared the Youth World Championship Show Youth Team Tournament Champions.

Teams must compete in at least two of the three categories.

In case of a tie, the following tie-breakers will be used:

  • The team placing in the greater number of events.
  • The team winning the greater number of events, then the greater number of seconds.
  • Team with the highest placing in Showmanship.

Prizes will be awarded to the top Jeopardy and Knowledge Relay Team and to individual contestants in each performance class. Special awards will be given for the overall results.