Becoming an Approved APHA International-Only Judge

APHA International-Only Judge Cards

  • European-Only
    • Allows you to judge all APHA classes in European countries only.
  • Latin American-Only
    • Allows you to judge all APHA classes in Latin American countries only.

Here are the steps involved in becoming an APHA-approved International-only judge, as well as the necessary forms. If you have any questions about judging requirements or about completing these forms, please contact APHA Director of Judges & Professional Horsemen, Sandy Jirkovsky.

How to Apply

  • Submit your APHA International Judges Application by mail or email to:
    • APHA
      Attn: Judges Department
      PO Box 961023
      Fort Worth, TX 76161-0023
    • elawhorn@apha.com
  • Include a recent photograph in the attire you would wear to judge a horse show (photograph becomes property of APHA).
  • Provide proof of current APHA membership.
  • If you have any judging experience, include reference letters from show management or judges who have witnessed you judging.
  • Pay the application fee by credit card or Paypal.
  • Attend one of APHA’s approved educational seminars and complete the judge applicant testing there. The next seminars can be found on the Judge Seminar page.

After You Apply

  • All applicants’ names will be submitted to the Paint Horse Journal and posted to the Judge Homepage after completion of the approved educational seminar and testing and prior to presentation to the Judges Committee.
  • An incomplete file will not be presented to the Judges Committee for consideration.
  • The scores earned at the clinic will be presented to the Judges Committee at their next scheduled meeting. At that time, the committee determines if an applicant is approved for judging on temporary status or if the application will be denied approval. The Judges Committee meets twice a year at the APHA Convention in Feb/March and at the APHA Judges Applicant School in May.
  • If you are approved for judging status, your name will appear in the Paint Horse Journal as an approved International-only judge. Your name is also added to the list provided to those who are seeking the names and addresses of approved judges. The list of approved judges is also printed in the Paint Horse Journal each January.
  • All approved judges must maintain a current APHA membership. International judges must also attend one of our approved educational seminars held every three years to maintain their status.
  • If your application is denied, you may resubmit an application one year from the date of denial.  A second filing fee must be paid at that time.