APHA’s Chrome Cash is available internationally!

Chrome Cash is a simple program that gives exhibitors a strong incentive to show APHA-registered horses. And now, international show organizers can also apply for matching funds and attract more Paint owners to their events—both APHA-approved or discipline specific.

How does Chrome Cash International work?
  • Show organizers can request Chrome Cash matching funds starting at $1,000 USD and up.
  • Approved events are required to provide matching funds of at least equal to the amount requested. For example, if $1,000 USD in Chrome Cash matching funds is requested from APHA, the approved event must match at least $1,000 USD. The entire amount, in this example $2,000 USD, must be paid out to eligible Paints in designated Chrome Cash classes.
  • Show organizers must agree to promote Chrome Cash prior to the event.
  • Show organizers determine which Chrome Cash classes/sidepots/races they want to offer and how added money is distributed.
  • Show organizers determine entry fees to be charged for each Chrome Cash class/sidepot/race.
  • Show organizers must submit Chrome Cash results using APHA’s template within 14 days of the completion of the event, including all Chrome Cash entries and amounts paid to each placing.
  • Show organizers must submit $10 USD/Chrome Cash entry to APHA upon the completion of the event along with show results.
Who can compete for Chrome Cash?
  • Horses must be registered with APHA; both Regular Registry and Solid Paint-breds are eligible.
  • Owners must be current APHA members in good standing.
  • Owners/exhibitors must enter Chrome Cash classes as per the event’s rules and pay the event’s entry fees.
  • Show organizers are responsible for verifying horse and owner eligibility.
How can we apply for Chrome Cash?
  • Submit your application online here.
  • APHA will accept applications until all 2024 funds have been dispersed.
  • APHA will approve applications based on their potential for generating memberships, registrations, and transfers. Geographic location will also be a consideration.
  • In subsequent years, events must demonstrate 10% growth in horses in horses in Paint classes/sidepots/races from year to year to be eligible for funding again.
Questions? Send an email to APHA International.