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Perfect Patches

Accessorize your apparel and express your personality with playful patches.

By Raquel Lynn

Timeless classic pieces and new favorite clothes paired with fun or meaningful patches create a unique look and style that is truly your own. Fashion-forward cowgirls, from ranchers to influencers, are loving new and vintage patches. Read on to learn about this trend and how to express your personality and add a missing element to your outfit with an embroidered detail.

Patches with History

Patches easily trace their roots back thousands of years to the military, where patches helped identify men in uniform, using simple stitching and colors. Fast forward, and decorative patches have evolved to feature colorful embroidery, wooly chenille or woven details.

Instagram icon Alli Addison of Milton Menasco says patches are a wonderful way to add flair and an identity to your style—they seem to do and say it all.

“I was the product of the 4-H, FFA and Pony Club culture, where patches and pins and badges reigned supreme. It is no wonder that they not only became a statement, but a token of accomplishment and a badge of honor,” Alli said. “I worked diligently for that white felt [4-H] cap that weighed 10 pounds sitting atop my head and that dark blue corduroy [FFA] jacket covered in medals and more chenille patches than I care to count. Every single adornment became a token of what made me, me—especially at that time. It’s all incredibly nostalgic.”

Put a Patch on it

Alli utilizes patches in her shop @miltonmenasco, including some that horse girls can’t get enough of. The coveted, made-to-order Giddy Up Varsity Jacket sports a massive black-and-cream chenille patch that reads Giddy Up Riding Club across the back. Popular hats in the shop are adorned with patches, including a trucker hat with the cult favorite Cowpoke Emoji chenille patch.


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