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Luxe Leather

Modern and sophisticated with a legacy of quality and functionality, leather accessories can speak to your personal style, empower and inspire.

By Amy C. Witt 

Whether you use the sidewalk as your catwalk, chase baby calves or screaming kids, work in an office or stop the clock in an arena, statement pieces incorporated into your everyday look can add an extra touch of magic to your daily strut.
Thanks to its beauty, longevity and versatility, leather-crafted fashion and accessories are constantly evolving as makers continue using traditional methods to develop and reinvent their own distinct designs and styles. Never cutting corners or compromising quality, yet creating unparalleled blends of artistry and consistency, makers transform leather canvases into wearable masterpieces. From headstalls and breast collars to earrings, bolos, clutches and purses, statement accessories allow you to create your vibe, embrace your style and make a difference to you. Luxe leather pieces stand the test of time, season after season—they are always in style and are ready to adventure anywhere with you.

Jewelry That Excites
Saddle Tramp Brand

From long fringe and tassels to conchos, animal prints, hides, and of course, glitter, leather jewelry can command attention … and it’s attention that is well deserved. Breann Beasley of Sheridan, Wyoming,, owner of the Saddle Tramp Brand, has changed the jewelry game with her spin on functional ritzy jewelry and swanky leatherwork. It’s easy to recognize her signature stacked conchos, tassels, tooled earrings and bold bolos.

“My objective is to make the leather version look as close to the real-life version as possible,” Breann explained. “And real life doesn’t look like somebody took a paint brush to it.”
Peacock feathers, parrots and flamingos dance in the air as bold earrings while dachshunds, bulldogs and vintage camper bolos are fiercely worn by women all over the world. The size, weight, feel, movement and flow of her jewelry is particularly important, Breann says. Hides must be soft to the touch and lightweight yet durable. Beyond handcrafting her earrings’ leather pieces, Breann enlists another female artisan to create the brass or copper French and lotus leaf hooks; every inch of a Saddle Tramp piece is bursting with style and handmade care.


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