Silver Dreams

Trevor Brazile’s newchapter in life involves a lot more chrome.

Article & Photography by Kate Bradley Byars

Turquoise has never gone out of style in the Western world, but today, the popularity of the stone is higher than ever in all realms of fashion. Just ask Jace and Crystal Mc-Carty, owners of CH Designs, who specialize in blending custom silver with exquisite turquoise stones. The pair handcraft jewelry from their home outside of Dublin, Texas. In what started as a small endeavor just before the 2020 pandemic, their jewelry business has been booming to the point that the couple can barely keep up with the demand.

Today, the McCartys both work full-time for the business and also employ two additional full-time workers. Their venture has grown so rapidly and become so popular, the young couple is exploring a wholesale option to give boutiques greater purchasing opportunity, while also expanding their existing online store even further into the market.

While the market has a plethora of turquoise-inspired artisans, the creations crafted by Crystal and Jace have a unique, timeless quality that blends tried-and-true favorites—like traditional turquoise squash blossom designs—with new twists derived from their own artistic sketches.

“We are looking for our inspiration outside of jewelry, and that is what sets us apart,” Crystal said. “That’s another part of where the occupation pieces came from. The idea is easy; making it happen is what’s hard.” From Crystal’s kitchen table to the couple’s inhouse workshop and office, CH Designs has become so much more than Jace and Crystal had dreamed when they graduated college and dedicated themselves to silversmithing. They work hand-in-hand to grow a business that brings joy to both them and their customers.


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