2024 Advisory Committees

Advisory Committees are made up of directors, alternates and members assigned to provide input to the State Directors and the Board of Directors about specific topics.

Utilizing Advisory Committees
Advisory committees are a primary component of any Association. The advisory committees of the APHA include Amateur, Breed Integrity & Registration, General Show and Contest, International, Judges, Long Range Planning, Professional Horseman, Racing, Regional Club, Rules, and Youth.
Each committee is organized with the following officers:
1. Either chairperson or co-chairpersons
2. Vice-chairperson (optional)
3. First vice-chairperson (optional)
4. Committee members as appointed by the President
5. Staff coordinator(s) as appointed by the Executive Director
6. Board of Directors liaison(s).
Basic Function
The basic function of the advisory committee is to contribute to the efficient operation of the Association by discussing and studying the work the committee was formed to accomplish, reaching a consensus and recommending courses of action to the Board of Directors and/or the
State Directors. The advisory committees are advisory only and recommendations of all committees and their actions must be approved by the Board of Directors.
Directors and alternates are assigned to a advisory committee. Individuals, who are neither directors nor alternates, may be assigned to a committee because of a special interest or expertise. Any interested party may request that the President appoint him or her to a specific committee.
Members of the advisory committees have responsibilities to their respective committees as follows:
1. Attend all meetings in person or by teleconference.
2. Carry out individual assignments made by the committee chairperson.
3. Review all relevant material prior to the committee meeting.
4. Prepare to make contributions and voice objective opinions concerning the committee’s proposals.
5. Exercise voting privileges as a committee member. Voting committee members are defined as any APHA member assigned to the committee by the president.
6. Be involved.
Each advisory committee will meet officially during the annual Convention, and such other times as deemed proper or necessary by the President, Executive Director, chairperson or majority of the committee members, in order to address pressing or important items that should not be delayed until the next official meeting. A subcommittee, selected from all committee members, may be appointed by the chairperson to address a particular issue. All committee members should be notified of the formation of a subcommittee, and informed of its purpose and tenure. The recommendations of a subcommittee must be reported to advisory committee members. Final action must involve approval by committee members at any regular or special meeting with notification to all members by the designated official procedure.
A subcommittee may not act officially for the entire committee, nor should any meeting of the advisory committee be called by notifying only some of the committee members. Such action might tend to be a calculated effort to control the direction and tone of the advisory committee and would deny some of the committee members participation in the committee process.