The Certified Agriculture Group Announces American Paint Horse Association as the First Affiliate Member for AgPack

Westfield, N.C. (June 04, 2024) – The Certified Agriculture Group (TCAG) is proud to announce the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) as the first Affiliate member group for AgPack and the Certified Agriculture Dealer program. As part of this strategic marketing relationship, each member of APHA will automatically receive their individual personalized AgPack number. Once activated by the member they can then use it to access their AgPack benefits when purchasing a new or qualified pre-owned pickup truck from any of more than 200 Certified Agriculture Dealers spread across the US.

“This is another first for TCAG, the only agricultural program in the automotive market,” noted Patrick Driscoll, CEO. “Creating a member affiliate program will more quickly help APHA members be able to access the AgPack benefits which can quickly add up to more than $35,000* in real operational savings for ranch and farm operations.”

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with Certified Agriculture Group as the newest Corporate Partner of APHA,” noted Kurt Crawford, Director of Business Development for APHA. “As a valued partner of the APHA, the benefits provided through this organization will provide several valuable opportunities to save money on items used daily by our members. Together we will be sowing seeds of change and harvesting progress for all.”

“At TCAG, we are constantly working to improve the pickup truck purchase & ownership experience for America’s farm & ranch families,” added Peyton Valentine, Experiential Manager for TCAG. “

Now in its 11th year, what started as a single manufacturer program has grown to embrace dealers of all the major truck manufacturing companies. In that same time, The Certified Agriculture Dealership program has also:

  • Grown the AgPack® bundle of exclusive rebates and discounts to include 21 AgPack Partners, with an aggregated value more than $35,000* with the average savings for ranchers and farmers in 2023 reaching $14,282 per AgPack products and services redeemed.
  • AgPack eligibility has expanded to accommodate pre-owned truck sales, and orders.
  • AgRally, a new annual, national farm show was started and is broadcast live on RFD-TV and the Cowboy Channel each year on National Ag Day in March.
  • AgTruckTrader.com was created, launched and added to the vertically integrated stable of agricultural truck products, making it very easy for ranchers, farmers and equestrians to find AgPack eligible trucks at all Certified Agricultural Dealers across the country.
  • AgTruckTrader.com is the sponsor of a five-member Pro Rodeo team.
  • CADFi financing/leasing program was launched to bridge the gap in financing/leasing options for farmers and ranchers. Aiming to allow farmers to make payments based on their income timeline.
  • CADProtect has been added to fill the void in protection for farm and ranch vehicles that were previously excluded from coverage. Providing the truck buyer confidence that they are covered from high repair costs and lost work time.

“We take pride in identifying the many gaps between the agriculture and automotive industries and filling them with meaningful solutions,” added Driscoll.  “Our proprietary training, AgPack, AgRally, CADFi, AgTruckTrader.com and now CADProtect products are the first and only agriculturally focused solutions in the automotive marketplace.”

*Based on customer using every AgPack® benefit to its maximum value. Average farm/ranch savings in 2023 was $14,828.

Learn more about Certified Agriculture Dealer at:  www.certifiedagdealer.com

Learn more about APHA at: https://apha.com/

Learn more about AgPack at http://agpack.ag/