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Game Changers

The Game Changer program, developed in 2019, aims to empower AjPHA National Directors to engage in an APHA advisory committee and gain insights into their roles within APHA. Committee leaders and members actively involve participating Youth in all committee business, encompassing conference calls, face-to-face meetings, polls, and other activities.

AjPHA National Directors interested in the program must complete an online application for the relevant APHA committee(s). A panel, including the APHA Director of Youth Activities, APHA President, and the respective committee chair/vice-chair, reviews and approve the applications. The APHA Director of Youth Activities serves as the program’s liaison.

The applications for the 2024-2025 Game Changers are not available yet.

Game Changer Committees

Game Changers applicants will have the opportunity to express their preferences by selecting the committee they wish to be a part of. Within this process, they can consider and choose from the following committees, each presenting unique and valuable opportunities for engagement and contribution to APHA.

  • Breed Integrity Committee
  • Regional Club Committee
  • World Show Committee
  • International Committee
  • Competition Committee

Meet the Game Changers

  • Ava Mariotti: Breed Integrity Advisory Committee
  • Madison Brown: Regional Club Advisory Committee
  • Peytyn Goodin: World Show Advisory Committee
  • LeiLani Landon: Competition Advisory Committee
  • Hannah Jannsen: International Advisory Committee

QUESTIONS? Please contact APHA’s Director of Youth Activities at [email protected].