APHA Youth Futurity Project

Youth now have the chance to earn prizes and recognition for their equine futurity projects. The objective is to teach and encourage youth to learn horse training skills by raising and training their own animals.


Entry Fee
The pre-entry fee is $150 for all Youth Yearling Futurity Project classes or $75/class. Entries received after the pre-entry deadline are $250 for all Youth Yearling Futurity Project classes or $100/class. The logbook is scored and required for the project, but there will not be a class fee for the logbook.

Pre-Entry Fee (Received by May 16) – $150 for all classes OR $75 a class
Post Entry Fee (Received after May 16) – $250 for all classes OR $100 a class

The APHA Youth Yearling Futurity Project consists of the following classes:

  • Yearling Halter – Tuesday, June 28
  • Yearling Longe Line – Tuesday, June 28
  • Yearling Showmanship – Monday, June 27
  • Logbook – Due Wednesday, June 22

Exhibitors are not required to compete in all yearling futurity classes, but they MUST complete the logbook. Exhibitors may ONLY enter one Youth Futurity Project horse.

The program is open to all youth members and all breeds of horses with extra incentives offered to Paint Horses (Regular Registry and Solid Paint-Bred). Exhibitors must be current AjPHA members. There are no ownership requirements, but ONLY the youth may handle the horse after April 1 of the current show year and until the youth exhibitor has completed all of their APHA Youth Futurity Project classes. Guidance from outside trainers, parents and/or coaches is allowed.

Overall Tabulation
For the overall awards, the classes will be tabulated as follows:

  • Yearling Halter – 30%
  • Yearling Longe Line – 30%
  • Yearling Showmanship – 30%
  • Logbook – 10%

The overall placings will be announced following the conclusion of the Longe Line.

• Top 6 placings will be recognized in each individual class.
• Overall placings will be awarded to the Top 3.
• The overall Highest-Placing Paint Horse will be awarded.