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Amateur Eligibility Forms

Amateur Application:

Already applied for your Amateur card and don’t have your digital card? Log into your APHAonline.org account and download it HERE!

Novice Amateur Reinstatement:

*NOTE: Reinstatements are only needed if you have become ineligible for a specific category and wish to compete in that category again.  Applying for reinstatement is a different process than applying for your Novice Amateur card. Points/monies/titles cannot have been earned within the last 10 years as of the date of your application.  This is the only reason you would submit a novice reinstatement form.


*NOTE* starting in 2023, Reclassification from Amateur and/or Novice Amateur to Walk-Trot is prohibited during the calendar year, per AM-300

Additional Amateur Resources:

Youth Eligibility Forms

Youth Application:

Already applied for your Youth card and don’t have your digital card? Log into your APHAonline.org account and download it HERE!

Challenged Rider (CHAMPS) Forms

Challenged Rider (CHAMPS) Forms:

The Challenged Horseman and American Paints Program for Independent and Support Exhibitors (CHAMPS) program was created to give our members with certain mental and physical challenges the opportunity to feel the joy of competition on their American Paint Horse and earn recognition for their accomplishments. CHAMPS classes can be added to any APHA approved event, held as a stand-alone APHA approved CHAMPS event, or held in conjunction with an event recognized by another organization such as US Para-Equestrian. Class results are submitted along with the rest of the APHA show results.

See the current APHA Rulebook or the PDF below for rules regarding CHAMPS classes. Exhibitors must have complete Diagnosis, Adaptive Equipment & Riding Ability, and Responsibility forms on file with APHA in addition to a current APHA membership in order to compete in CHAMPS classes. These forms must also be presented to the show office with class entries.

Paint Alternative Competition (PAC) Forms

Competition Record Request Forms

To view a horse’s performance record, show results, and year end standings at any time, elevate your APHAonline.org access from Bronze to Silver! In order to also see progeny records, elevate your online access to Gold! Visit APHAonline.org to start researching today!

Show Management Forms and Drug & Medication Information

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Show Approval: 

All show approval applications should be submitted to APHA using the PHcentral platform.  Paper applications will only be accepted if making payment by check or using a credit on file.


Show Results:


Drug & Medication Information: