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Discover Your Inner Alpha Mare

Julie Goodnight and Barbra Schulte utilize the lessons they’ve learned from horses to help women gain the insights, skills and tools they need to become more effective leaders.

by Alana Harrison

Trust and mutual respect make up the core foundation of every horse-and-human relationship. As your Paint’s rider, partner and leader, he looks to you for confidence to do his job; in turn, you trust him to follow your guidance. The leadership qualities that you bring to the relationship set the stage for success. But success is a two-way street—you can’t expect your horse to trust you, if you don’t trust him in return.

Renowned horsewomen Julie Goodnight and Barbra Schulte have long recognized the vast insights horses can provide about the human psyche, and they’re using those lessons to help women up their game in the workplace through their new Saddle Up! Leadership program.

In addition to their upcoming book by the same name, Barbra and Julie are planning a return to the scenic C Lazy U Ranch in Granby, Colorado—where they’ve been hosting horsemanship clinics and personal growth retreats for more than a decade—to hold their first Saddle Up! Women Leadership Program in the fall of 2022.

“C Lazy U is an amazing place with high-end amenities where guests feel extremely comfortable and well taken care of,” Julie said. “There’s just something about the atmosphere at C Lazy U that helps people relax and focus. We’ve seen a lot of magic happen there.”

Using the ranch’s horses—including a number of colorful Paints—as their guides and conduits for teaching, Barbra and Julie will provide lectures, demonstrations and hands-on workshops to help women in leadership gain fresh perspectives and clarity about the requirements of being an effective leader.

“Our goal is to help women consider all the unique aspects of their position and understand how they have the power to cultivate a culture of trust and responsibility in their workplaces,” Barbra said.


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