Ditch the DRAMA

Keep your boarding situation “stable” by implementing these easy tips for protecting your happy place.

By Allison Rehnborg

Like a dust-filled sunbeam, quality time with your Paint Horse can feel fleeting even in the best of times. And if you’re commuting after work or on weekends to spend a few precious hours with your best horsey friend at the boarding stable, that time is worth its weight in gold. In those moments, a good boarding stable feels like a sanctuary. But if there’s one thing that can turn what should be heaven on earth into an unpleasant ordeal, it’s drama.

Just like thrush can rapidly undermine a healthy hoof in the right conditions, drama can turn a happy barn community into a cranky, grumbling crowd in no time. Drama can ruin your cherished time with your horses, break up friendships, hurt reputations and even put barns out of business. No matter where it crops up or why, drama hurts everyone it touches— even its instigators. And like the popular internet meme says: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Ready for the good news? You can help stop drama in its tracks and ensure that your happy place stays happy! Check out these five tips for preventing, avoiding and deflating barn drama, as shared by experienced boarders and boarding stable managers who have been there and done that.


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