Over $1 MILLION in Chrome Cash was paid out in 2023!

What is Chrome Cash?

A class within a class open only to APHA registered horses. Both Regular or Solid registry may enter.

Is my horse eligible for APHA registration?

If your AQHA horse has one APHA registered parent (dam or sire), your horse is eligible for APHA registration regardless of color or markings OR if your AQHA horse has at least 2 inches of solid white hair or pink skin above the hock or knee and behind the eye, they may be eligible.

Does my horse have an APHA parent?

Click on the discipline links below for a list of some of the APHA-registered sires and dams with competing foals.

How do I register my qualifying AQHA horse with APHA?

Its easy! Email, text or call Sunny Bates at sbates@apha.com817-219-7985.

How do I enter?

APHA registration is the only requirement to enter Chrome Cash classes so once your horse is registered APHA, you enter with the events show office. You must be entered in the main class to add the Chrome Cash side pot and pay the additional entry fee.

See individual events rules for additional information. The show producer runs the Chrome Cash class, tabulates results and provides payout.

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Chrome Cash Sponsors

Interested in promoting your stallion, ranch or business by sponsoring Chrome Cash? Contact Sunny Bates.