Mais oui! Both Reiners & Western performance horses to earn Chrome Cash at Equita Lyon

For the second year running, APHA members and registered Paints can compete for Chrome Cash at Equita Lyon, one of Europe’s largest equestrian fairs held October 26–30 in Lyon, France. Regular Registry and Solid Paint-Breds can make a run for added money in the NRHA European Derby and—new for 2022—the Western Horse Show.

One of Europe’s most important reining events of the year, the NRHA European Derby offers two Chrome Cash classes, both sponsored by Kaiser Show Horses:

  • €1,320 APHA Derby Open Level 4 Chrome Cash Incentive
  • €1,320 APHA Derby Non-Pro Level 4 Chrome Cash Incentive

On the performance side, Equita Lyon offers a full slate of APHA-approved classes, with seven paying out a total of €3,500 in Chrome Cash, sponsored by APHA & GL Events:

  • €500 APHA Western Pleasure Chrome Cash Incentive
  • €500 APHA Showmanship Chrome Cash Incentive
  • €500 APHA Western Horsemanship Chrome Cash Incentive
  • €500 APHA Ranch Riding Chrome Cash Incentive
  • €500 APHA In-Hand Trail Chrome Cash Incentive
  • €500 APHA Trail Chrome Cash Incentive
  • €500 APHA Ranch Trail Chrome Cash Incentive

What is Chrome Cash?
Chrome Cash is an innovative incentive program for registered Paints offered as a class within a class at select NRHA, NCHA, NRCHA, ACHA, WCHA and APHA events.

How do I enter?
Entering the Chrome Cash classes at Equita Lyon is easy! Just follow the steps below. Chrome Cash classes can be added up until the day before the show.

  • Step 1: Fill out the online entry form here (reining) or here (performance).
  • Step 2: Check the box for the Chrome Cash class(es) of your choice.
  • Step 3: Pay the entry fee for the Chrome Cash class.
  • Step 4: Include a copy of horse’s APHA certificate with your entry.

Chrome Cash Rules:

  • Horse must be registered with APHA. Both Regular Registry and Solid Paint-Bred Registry horses are eligible.
  • Owner and exhibitor must both be current APHA members in good standing.
  • Chrome Cash class must be entered per each event’s rules. Must complete entry form, pay fees and submit a copy of APHA registration papers to qualify.
  • Only shows designated with Chrome Cash sponsors will have added money.
  • Chrome Cash is a class within a class and no working finals.

Visit APHA’s booth in the Western Hall at Equita Lyon for on-site memberships, transfers, duplicate certificates and more! Questions? Contact us!


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