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APHA Show Secretary Certification required beginning 2023

The APHA Show Management Certification is the newest addition to HorseIQ. This course dives into the nuts and bolts of holding an approved APHA show from approval to results and everything in between.
Here’s what you need to know:
  • Required for APHA Show Secretaries beginning in 2023 and highly recommended for APHA Show Managers and Sponsors
  • Certification will improve your understanding of APHA show rules. This will speed up the process for your show to be approved, decrease the time it takes for your show’s results to be posted, and improve the accuracy of your show’s results.
  • You will also be granted access to all HorseIQ content for 1 year for just $84.
  • When you complete the APHA Show Management Certification, you will be issued an official certificate and will be added to the list of APHA Certified Show Management.
  • Certification lasts 1 year and must be renewed by retaking the certification course each year to remain on the APHA Certified Show Management list.

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