Chartering an International Affiliate

The American Paint Horse Association recognizes two types of International associations that have been organized for the purpose of promoting the breed. Below are the requirements as stated in the official APHA Rule Book.
International Associations

Section 12.1 Types of International Associations: The American Paint Horse Association may from time to time, recognize two types of International associations, which have as their purpose the promotion of the American Paint Horse.
A. International members who desire to promote the Paint Horse and be affiliated with the APHA as a Regional Association/Club, but that do not register horses in an approved stud book.
B. International associations that do register and maintain a stud book registry and be affiliated with APHA and have its horses fall under the provisions of
Rule RG-020. D. Guidelines for recognized International affiliation may be obtained from the APHA.
Section 12.2 Applications: Applications for International Regional Association/Club affiliate charter with the APHA must be submitted in the English language and follow the guidelines for recognized International affiliation.
A. Members of all recognized International Regional Associations/Clubs approved for charter shall remain governed by American Paint Horse Association Bylaws, Rules and Regulations.
B. Exceptions to these required guidelines may be granted by the Board as deemed in the best interest of the APHA.
Section 12.3 Application for Recognized Affiliation: An application with APHA by an International association that maintains a stud book, for the purpose of promoting registered American Paint Horses, shall include a copy of that Association’s Bylaws, rule book and stud book (all in the English language).
The APHA Board of Directors shall separately determine if the stud book will be accepted for consideration under Rule RG-020.D. (International Appendix

Be sure to include the following:

  1. Proposed By-laws
  2. Organizational minutes
  3. Boundary map
  4. Application

Printable Version: Regional Club Charter Request
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