*For information regarding show and judge rules during the COVID-19 pandempic, visit the COVID-19 Updates page.
Becoming an APHA-approved judge is a stringent process, designed to award judging cards to only the most qualified applicants. We strive to develop high-quality judges who are able to precisely evaluate and rank entries in a variety of classes, in keeping with rules set forth by the association. Visit the Becoming an APHA Approved Judge for more information about the application process.

Current Judge Applicants*

Franks, Amy, Paw Paw, MI

Irwin, Shari, Castleton, Ontario, Canada

Current Halter Specialty Judge Applicants*

Jackson, Jarrell, Thackerville, OK

*The Judges Committee seeks information on the above judge applicants. Please submit both favorable and unfavorable evaluations to APHA Judges Department, 122 E. Exchange Ave., Suite 420, Fort Worth, TX 76164.

Judge Emeritus Award Recipients

The APHA Judge Emeritus award recognizes judges who have dedicated their careers to judging in APHA-approved events. APHA thanks each and every one of these judges for their many years of service.

Fred Adam (1977-2010)
Gary Gordon (1983-2012)
John Rodgers (1980-2012)
Burton Butler (1980-2014)
Floyd Danley (1983-2014)
C.W. “Bill” Englund (1974-2014)
Jim Frazier (1983-2014)
Wayne Laske (1970-2014)
John Abrams (1982-2015)
Doug Cline (1976-2015)
Jim Coones (1980-2015)
Dan Moreland (1984-2015)
Duke Neff (1973-2015)
Linda Norton-Neely (1987-2015)
Tim Ternes (1974-2015)
H. Fain Yearty (1989-2015)

Conrad Caines (1980-2016)
Jim Jirkovsky (1991-2016)
Allan Spidahl (1986-2016)
Grant Gibbs (1989-2017)
Doug Gregory (1986-2017)
Randy Hembrook (1984-2017)
Helmut Lekschas (1975-2017)
Carl McCustion (2006-2017)
Charlie Sasser (1977-2017)
Leon Borcherding (1977-2018)
Brian Ellsworth (1983-2018)
Bill French (1989-2018)
Roger Johnson (1978-2018)
Gary Streator (1988-2018)
Pat Trebesch (1978-2018)
Betsy Tuckey (2012-2018)

John Aipperspach (1983-2019)
Darrell Bilke (1982-2019)
Pauline Crull (2001-2020)
Mike Baker (1980-2022)
John Letham (1985-2022)
Debby Letham (1987-2022)
Scot Jackson (1997-2022)
Rick McLain (1977-2022)
Bonnie Miller (1987-2022)
Cynthia Rucker (2001-2022)
Mike Short (2003-2022)
Maryann Willoughby (1981-2022)

For more information, contact APHA Senior Director of Judges, Shows & Education, David Dellin by phone at (817) 718-4223 or by e-mail at ddellin@apha.com.



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