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Paint Horse Journal

A multiple award-winning publication, the Paint Horse Journal is your trusted source since 1965 for Paint-specific information you won’t find anywhere else. Join us in celebrating the versatility of the American Paint Horse and the people who love the breed.


In the horse world, the word “chrome” is commonly used to describe the flashy white markings that make a Paint Horse stand out over any other breed. No two Paint Horses are alike, and neither are the people who love them. It’s this uniqueness—this common thread of passion for the horse—that is the foundation of Chrome, an equestrian magazine like no other. And it’s reserved for APHA members only! It’s packed with coverage of all the many aspects of the totally unique American Paint Horse lifestyle, and you won’t want to miss a thing. So join, renew or extend your membership today to make sure the next issue is in your mailbox.