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Welcome to APHA’s Show Producer resource page.

*For information regarding show and judge rules and recommendations during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit the COVID-19 Updates page.
All show related forms and applications can be found on the Show Forms page.

Several COVID-prompted rule variances that were in place for 2020 and 2021 ended on December 31, 2021. In addition, several new show rules are in effect beginning January 1, 2022. They are summarized below and reflect rule changes or clarifications passed during the 2021 Convention. Full rule text is available in the 2022 APHA Rule Book, which is available online. Finally, show managers, secretaries, or producers should be submitting all show approval applications through the ShowDay platform unless paying by check or using an existing credit on file from the Association.
Beginning January 1, 2022, the following rules will revert back to their pre-COVID requirements as found in the 2022 APHA Rule Book.

  • Novice and Green eligibility
    • Now, all lifetime points, money earnings, and World or Reserve World Championships earned will affect 2022 Novice and Green eligibility (including 2020 and 2021 earnings).
  • Youth age divisions
    • Now, Youth must show in their respective age divisions according to their age on January 1, 2022.
  • Touch-point obstacles in the Trail, In-Hand Trail, and Ranch Trail
    • Now, mandatory touch-point obstacles, such as the drag and gate, must be used in their respective classes.
  • Judge scheduling restrictions
    • Now, judges will no longer be allowed to judge the same show for consecutive years, judge 2 shows per state within 30 days, and judge 2 shows within 200 miles within 30 days. Judges must judge at least one APHA show per calendar year.
  • Show approval and cancelation rules
    • Now, shows will be held to the 30-day deadline and associated fees as well as requirements for judges, locations/venues, class minimum requirements as defined in the 2022 APHA Rule Book, even if their show is canceled or rescheduled due to COVID.
  • Top 20 Award judge restriction
    • Now, judges may only appear on an exhibitor’s Top 20 list twice.
  • The full list of rules that had been temporarily suspended – all of which are reverting back to their original pre-COVID requirements – can be found here.

The following show rule changes are in effect January 1, 2022:

  • No minimum class requirements for stand-alone 1- and 2-judge shows (SC-100 & SC-105.B.1)
  • Joint memberships can no longer be used to satisfy the Show Manager and Show Secretary membership requirements (SC-110.A & SC-115.A)
  • Water will no longer be allowed in water hazards for Trail, Yearling In-Hand Trail, and 2-Year-Old In-Hand Trail. Water may be simulated by using a solid piece of painted wood (SC-192.F.Division C, SC-194.F.Division C, SC-250.I.Division C.3)
  • Ranch Conformation is a new class. A blanket variance has been passed to suspend section 4 to this rule that requires the class to be held after the conclusion of the other ranch horse classes for 2022 (SC-301.E.1.g)
  • Show management MUST combine the Amateur 19 & Over division if the division has less than three entries (AM-080.B)
  • Lead change verbiage was clarified for Hunt-Seat Equitation and Western Horsemanship. It can be designated as a simple lead change or the exhibitor can be given the option of performing a simple or flying lead change (AM-115.E.6, AM-110.D.2, YP-115.D.2 & YP-120.C.1)

Certified APHA Show Management has completed the APHA Show Management Certification found on HorseIQ.com. This certification is required for all APHA Show Secretaries beginning in 2023 and is highly recommended for Show Managers and Sponsors. Certification must be renewed yearly.

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Updated 6/22/2022
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APHA Approved Shows

Any individual or organization may host a single or two judged show or Specialty Event. Only regional clubs may host multi-judged shows, Paint-O-Ramas, and Zone-O-Ramas.
Guidelines for Approved APHA Shows can be found at SC-090. Show Approval, SC-095. Minimum Requirements for Shows, SC-100. Single-Judge Shows, SC-105. Multiple-Judge Shows, AM-075. Show Approval Rules, AM-080. Amateur Divisions, AM-245. Novice Amateur General Show Rules, YP-070. Class and Show Approval, YP-075. Youth Age Divisions, and YP-245 Novice Youth General Show Rules in the current APHA Rulebook.

Steps to gaining APHA approval for your show:

  1. Verify available show dates by checking the online calendar of events.
  2. Choose your judge(s) from the APHA Judges Directory.  Remember: Judges cannot judge within 200 miles within 30 days, nor can judges officiate 2 consecutive times at the same show or set of shows.  View a sample Judging contract.
  3. Hire a Show Secretary and Show Manager. Remember: Both must have current individual memberships.
  4. Prepare a show bill or premium list to be submitted with your application.  Classes may be selected from the Approved Class Codes list also found on the Show Forms page.
  5. Submit the Show Approval Application and the applicable fees in ShowDay found on the Show Forms page. Remember: Show application fees are dependent upon the date of application submission. No show applications or changes to show information can be made less than 30 days before the first day of the show.


Fee Schedule: Per show/judge
Application Submitted Fee
90 days or more before show date


60-89 days


30-59 days


*Includes Late Fee

  1. To avoid late fees, submit you application at least 90 days prior to your desired show date.
  2. Once your show has been approved, the secretary will be notified and sent additional information needed to host the show.  If you need to make show corrections, please fill out the Show Approval Correction Form found on the Show Forms page.
  3. Planning for the future: If you plan on hosting your show again next year, please be aware that dates are assigned based on week numbers, as they fall in the calendar.  Week 1 includes the first Sunday in January. Click on the Three Year Calendar found on the Show Forms page to view show week numbers for the next several years. For example: In 2011, July 2 and 3 fall into week #27. In 2012, June 30 – July 1 will be week #27. The calendar will shift a week in 2013.

APHA Approved Special Events

If you would like to host a special event (Over Fences, Ranch Horse Show, Team Roping, Reining etc) please follow steps 1-7 above after reading the below requirements. Special event application can be found on the Show Forms page.
Guidelines for a Special Event can be found at SC-096. Special Paint Events and JU-000.C. Special Event Judges in the current APHA Rulebook.

APHA Approved Zone Shows

The purpose of the Zone Show is to encourage clubs within a zone to coordinate and work together to promote a large show and to utilize any net proceeds to promote the American Paint Horse and Paint Horse activities in their respective zone.
For Rules and Bylaws regarding Zone Shows and Zone Coordinating Committees, see SC-105.B.3: Zone Shows and Article VIII: Zone Coordinating Committees.
The following guidelines must be followed:

  • Form a Zone Coordinating Committee per Article VIII and SC-105.B.3 of the APHA Rulebook
    • The Zone Coordinating Committee will handle all of the business for the Zone Show and any other Zone business. The Zone show will not be approved until such time as the Coordinating Committee is formed.
    • Per Article VIII, the Organizational Zone Coordinating Committee will consist of an equal number of representatives from each state and/or regional club included in the zone that wishes to participate. Three per state is suggested. It is not mandatory for a state and/or regional club to participate. Each club, all National Directors with the zone and the Association must be contacted and given the opportunity to respond if they wish to participate. A staff representative or National Director may attend the zone meeting(s). Notification should be made at least 30 days prior to the organizational meeting.
    • Meeting/Officers
      • First Meeting
        • Set a meeting date and time with the Zone Coordinating Committee Representatives. Conference calls are acceptable.
        • It is suggested that this meeting take place at least eight (8) months prior to the projected show date.
        • Elect officers.
        • Incorporate the By-laws of the Zone Coordinating Committee and take care of any other preliminary zone business.
      • Second Meeting
        • Set a meeting date and time with the Zone Coordinating Committee Representatives. Conference calls are acceptable.
        • It it suggested that this meeting take place at least six (6) months prior to the projected show date. This meeting can take place immediately following the organizational meeting if in the first organizational year of the zone. Each club within the zone, all National Directors with the zone and the Association must be contacted at least 30 days prior to the meeting time.
        • Review and determine proposed Zone-O-Rama dates and locations and take care of any other zone business.
        • Subsequent to this meeting, write to each club and propose the date(s) and location, requesting their response of input into the date and location of the zone show to be in writing. Rule SC-090 shall apply.
  • Submission to the American Paint Horse Association. The following must be submitted to the Association annually:
    • A current year list of the Zone Coordinating Committee Representatives and Officers.
    • A copy of the Zone By-laws.
      • Copies of the letters sent to each club/state asking if they would like to co-sponsor the Zone-O-Rama Show and their responses.
      • Minutes from each of the two required meetings.
      • A copy of the annual financial report.
    • Zone-O-Rama Show Application
      • Show application should be filled out by Zone Coordinating Committee and sponsored by the Zone Coordinating Committee. The committee has the option to hire a professional show management group to conduct the show.
    • The following should accompany the application:
      • A letter from the Zone Coordinating Committee stating that they have approved the date and location of the Zone-O-Rama.
    • The Zone-O-Rama will not be listed in the Paint Horse Journal or online until all required submissions are received.

Suggested Timeline

  • A minimum of eight months prior to the show date
    • Hold the first meeting to establish a zone coordinating committee, elect officers and incorporate bylaws. Each club within the zone, all State Directors within the zone and the Association must be contacted at least 30 days prior to the meeting time.
  • A minimum of six months prior to the show date
    • Hold the second meeting to propose show dates and locations and to complete show application and required submissions. Each club within the zone, all State Directors within the zone and the Association must be contacted at least 30 days prior to the meeting time.
  • A minimum of three months prior to the show date
    • Submit application and all required submissions listed above.

APHA Challenged Horseman Program (CHAMPS)

The Challenged Horseman and American Paints Program for Independent and Support Exhibitors (CHAMPS) program has been created to give our members with certain mental and physical challenges the opportunity to feel the joy of competition on their American Paint Horse and earn recognition for their accomplishments. Program rules and forms can be found on the Show Forms page and in the current APHA Rulebook.

Submitting Results

Submitting your results electronically is the most efficient way for APHA to process the results and get them posted in a timely fashion. You may e-mail your results as long as they meet the requirements for sending results electronically. If you are using one of the approved software programs, the results are already formatted correctly. Contact the APHA Office at 817-834-2742 extension 778 for a list of approved software programs.

For more information regarding American Paint Horse Association approved shows contact the Show Approval Manager at showapproval@apha.com. A current list of Performance Department staff and their contact information can be found in the Staff Directory.