Resources for Show Managers, Secretaries, and Sponsors

Welcome to APHA’s Show Producer resource page.

From APHA show types and approval to results submission and helpful resources, this page has everything you need to run your APHA sanctioned show!

All show related forms and applications can be found on the Show Forms page.

Reminder: All temporary inflation-prompted rule suspensions made during 2022 and 2023 are now back into effect. In addition, several new show rules are in effect beginning January 1, 2024. They are summarized below and reflect rule changes or clarifications passed during the 2023 Convention. Full rule text is available in the current APHA Rule Book, which is available online. Finally, show managers, secretaries, or producers should be submitting all show approval applications through the PHcentral platform unless paying by check or using an existing credit on file from the Association.

Show rule changes effective January 1, 2024:

  • Expanded concurrent judging will be permitted per the below revision. Rules SC-105.B.1 and 2.
    • Halter, Color Classes, Longe Line, Reining, Ranch Classes, Western Riding, Pleasure Driving, Utility Driving, Over Fences Classes, Speed Classes, Cattle Classes, and Rail Classes may be approved on the same date and judged simultaneously.
    • Trail, In-Hand Trail, Showmanship, Hunt-Seat Equitation, Western Horsemanship may be approved on the same date and judged in split arenas with separate courses/patterns. If rail work is requested by any judge in Hunt-Seat Equitation or Western Horsemanship, exhibitors will do rail work one time to all judges.
  • The Off Pattern (OP) rule for Novice and Walk/Trot divisions will be removed in all classes. Rule SC-250
  • Green Ranch Riding, Ranch Rail Pleasure, Ranch Pleasure, and Ranch Trail classes will be added to the APHA approved class list. Rule SC-304
  •  Competitive Trail Horse will be removed from the rule book and the list of APHA approved classes. Rule SC-312
  •  Novice Amateur or Novice Youth may not have earned more than 75 points in any division (excluding W/T) to be considered Novice Eligible in a category. Rule AM-205 & YP-205
  •  The maximum number of allowed obstacles in the Walk/Trot Trail classes will be increased from eight to ten. Rule AM-300, YP-109, & YP-110
  • Clerical errors must be corrected before the results are submitted to APHA. If such a correction must be made to judge scoresheet or placing card after the judge is no longer at the show, signatured corrections must still be made, either physically or electronically. Rule JU-000

Certified APHA Show Management include those that have completed the APHA Show Management Certification found on HorseIQ.com. This certification is required for all APHA Show Secretaries beginning in 2023 and is highly recommended for Show Managers and Sponsors. Certification must be renewed yearly.

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Last Name
First Name
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Date Expired
TaftTracytltaft71@gmail.comIL, United States05/30/202305/29/2024
HaywardMarthaoffice@easttexasstockhorse.comTX, United States06/05/202306/04/2024
ThomasonJudyjathorses@yahoo.comTX, United States06/23/202306/22/2024
DunkelAshtonashton@fwssr.comTX, United States07/07/202307/06/2024
McMahonCherylCherylMc62@gmail.comCO, United States07/09/202307/08/2024
GageDianedmgage@live.comKS, United States10/18/202310/17/2024
FadelMarlamarla@marlafadel.comUT, United States10/18/202310/17/2024
KnoxLeannelknox67@gmail.comON, Canada11/25/202311/24/2024
KooimanChristinacgk112@gmail.comMN, United States11/30/202311/29/2024
WESTPHALCINDYwestphal@partnercom.netIA, United States12/25/202312/24/2024
van den Boomen-WeltenYvonneyvonnewelten@gmail.comNetherlands01/18/202401/17/2025
RidgeAustinridge.austin1@gmail.comFL, United States01/22/202401/21/2025
LEPKAHYNEKhyle@seznam.czCzech Republic01/25/202401/24/2025
DelcherRacheldelcherr@gmail.comGA, United States01/27/202401/26/2025
FreibergSabrina H.horseshow4u@gmail.comGermany01/27/202401/26/2025
PrehodaShellyshellyprehoda62@gmail.comIL, United States01/30/202401/29/2025
CorleyKaitlynkaitlyn.corley@gmail.comSC, United States01/30/202401/29/2025
LayCarmencarmenlay8701@gmail.comTN, United States02/01/202401/31/2025
RobertsRebeccarebeccar426@gmail.comOK, United States02/05/202402/04/2025
RedmondLoriloriaredmond@gmail.comVT, United States02/07/202402/06/2025
EarlChristinacearl1982@gmail.comNY, United States02/09/202402/08/2025
LunanKarenshowyourhorses@aol.comWA, United States2/15/20242/14/2025
ChartersShawnchartersconsulting@gmail.comID, United States02/16/202402/15/2025
MacKenzieKathiekrmshowserv@gmail.comAB, Canada02/16/202402/15/2025
ButterfieldErynerynbutterfield@gmail.comMB, Canada02/20/202402/19/2025
BoardAllieallie.board@gmail.comIL, United States02/24/202402/23/2025
DE BRACKELEEREvelienlien88@live.beBelgium02/25/202402/24/2025
VON SKOPNIKMaramara.vonskopnik@gmail.comBelgium02/25/202402/24/2025
GUENTHERNicolenicoleguenther0106@gmail.comCA, United States02/25/202402/24/2025
SALKOVAKlarask.smartranch@gmail.comCzech Republic02/25/202402/24/2025
de JongMartinemjjong90@outlook.comNetherlands02/25/202402/24/2025
VAN BEKKUMKarinkariniphone@hotmail.comNetherlands02/25/202402/24/2025
VAN DE KROLRoelieroeliemuller@hotmail.comNetherlands02/25/202402/24/2025
WETTERLOV NILSSONTeresehovarna@hotmail.comSweden02/25/202402/24/2025
WebbAnnannwebb88@gmail.comIL, United States02/26/202402/25/2025
JohnsonTeresadesigntoy@aol.comCO, United States2/27/20242/26/2025
LeithCaryncrleith91@gmail.comND, United States02/27/202402/26/2025
MendesJennifermjmshowservices@gmail.comCA, United States03/03/202403/03/2025
DeLongAshleya_ddelong09@yahoo.comOH, United States03/06/202403/06/2025
LayVanessalayzlay1@aol.comOH, United States03/06/202403/06/2025
LawrenceJessicaLawrenceshowmanagement@yahoo.comCA, United States03/06/202403/06/2025
RosenbaumRonnaronnalr27@gmail.comIN, United States3/10/20243/10/2025
MullerRachelrachelmuller635@gmail.comBC, Canada3/12/20243/12/2025
GrayhekStephaniesgrayhek@yahoo.comMI, United States3/13/20243/13/2025
NickersonBetheagleridgeranch@aol.comMI, United States3/15/20243/15/2025
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NielsenTeritnielsen13@yahoo.comMN, United States3/16/20243/16/2025
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HenricksonMeganmegan.r.hendrickson@gmail.comUT, United States4/2/20244/2/2025
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GouldKathykathy.saddleup@gmail.comOK, United States4/8/20244/8/2025
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LambertonCaseyreining484@hotmail.comFL, United States4/20/20244/20/2025
EngelbrechtJuliemphcsecretary@aol.comMO, United States04/24/202404/24/2025
JauntigChristianchristian@toplineeventmgt.comNY, United States4/26/20244/26/2025
KellyAnnetteanne@dwkelly.comFL, United States4/28/20244/28/2025
CarteeJarrettjcartee.96@gmail.comTX, United States4/29/20244/29/2025
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MiddletonTeenaDrTeena@EZium.orgNC, United States2024-05-292025-05-291d01f822a3b34be7b8a7bd3a125bbc1c
TaftTracytltaft71@gmail.comIL, United States2024-06-042025-06-04297b067059174d13856cbfc47d9acfe8
DunkelAshtonashton@fwssr.comTX, United States2024-07-082025-07-084c884800739d4edbaf44a53cf959e155

APHA Approved Shows

Any individual or organization may host an APHA Single-judge, Two-judge, or Special Event. Only APHA Regional Clubs may host APHA multi-judged (3-4 judge) shows and Paint-O-Ramas. Only APHA Zone Coordinating Committees may hots APHA Zone-O-Ramas.

Rules for Approved APHA Shows:

  • SC-090. Show Approval
  • SC-095. Minimum Requirements for Shows
  • SC-100. Single-Judge Shows
  • SC-105. Multiple-Judge Shows
  • AM-075. Show Approval Rules
  • AM-080. Amateur Divisions
  • AM-245. Novice Amateur General Show Rules
  • YP-070. Class and Show Approval
  • YP-075. Youth Age Divisions
  • YP-245 Novice Youth General Show Rules

Steps to Gaining APHA Show Approval:

  1. Verify available show dates and possible mileage conflicts by checking the online calendar of events.
  2. Determine what type of APHA show you will apply for. Rules for each show type are described below.
    1. 1-Judge Show
    2. 2-Judge Show
    3. Special Event
    4. POR
    5. ZOR
  3. Choose your judge(s) from the APHA Judges Directory.
    1. Remember: Judges cannot judge within 200 miles within 30 days, nor can judges officiate 2 consecutive times at the same show or set of shows.  View a sample Judging contract on the Show Forms page
    2. Restricted Judges may be used at APHA shows where the judge will only be judging certain disciplines. Restricted judges are not APHA carded judges, but are APHA members who are carded in the discipline association of the classes in which they are judging (ie: USDF for Dressage, NCHA for Cutting, NRHA for Reining, NRCHA for Working Cow Horse, ARHFA for Judged Roping, USEF for Over Fences, etc)
  4. Determine who your Show Sponsor, Show Secretary, and Show Manager will be.
    1. All three must have current individual memberships, the secretary and manager cannot be the same person (but either can serve as show sponsor), and the secretary must have taken the APHA Show Secretary Certification. Memberships can be renewed on PH Central.
  5. Prepare a show bill or premium list to be submitted with your application.  Classes may be selected from the Approved Class Codes list also found on the Show Forms page.
  6. Submit the Show Approval Application and the applicable fees in PH Central. Remember: Show application fees are dependent upon the date of application submission. No show applications or changes to show information can be made less than 30 days before the first day of the show.


Fee Schedule: Per judge
Online Application           Fee
90 days or more before show date


60-89 days


30-59 days


*includes late fee

  1. To avoid late fees, submit you application at least 90 days prior to your desired show date.
  2. Once your show has been approved, the secretary will be notified and sent additional information needed to host the show.  Changes to the show can be made up to 30 days prior to the first date of the showIf changes are required, email showapproval@apha.com.
  3. Planning for the future: If you plan on hosting your show again next year, please be aware that dates are assigned based on week numbers, as they fall in the calendar.  Week 1 includes the first Sunday in January. Click on the Three Year Calendar found on the Show Forms page to view show week numbers for the next several years. For example: Week 9 in 2022 was February 21-27; however Week 9 in 2024 will be February 26-March 3.  Calendar shifts occur and you must be aware of when it happens to ensure correct show dates are reserved.

APHA Show Type Descriptions:

Special Events

Special events are a great option to get APHA classes added to a discipline specific event such as a Hunter/Jumper Show, Ranch Horse Show, Team Roping, Reining, Cutting, Dressage Show, etc. Please follow steps 1-7 above after reading the below requirements. Special events are applied for like any other type of APHA show, which can be found on the Show Forms page. Special Events do not have to abide by the show mileage restrictions if they do not hold any of the same classes as any show that is within 250 mi on the same date/weekend.

In order to be considered a Special Event, classes cannot be chosen from more than 3 Special Event Categories. If your desired class list does cover more than 3 Special Event Categories, consider holding a 1 or 2 Judge Show instead. There are no requirements as to what divisions must be held for each class or a minimum set of classes.

To make adding APHA classes to an existing show easier, APHA allows “Restricted Judges” instead of APHA carded judges to be used for judges who are only judging certain disciplines. The Restricted Judge must be an APHA member and carded in the discipline association of the classes they are judging ((ie: USDF for Dressage, NCHA for Cutting, NRHA for Reining, NRCHA for Working Cow Horse, ARHFA for Judged Roping, USEF for Over Fences, etc).

Special events do not maintain priority dates from year to year, so should be applied for as soon as possible each year.

Special Event Categories

  1. Special Event Category I: Halter, Ranch Horse Conformation, Color Class, Longe Line, (Yearling and 2YO), Longe Line (3YO & Older) (Zone 12, 13, 14)
  2. Special Event Category II: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Stake Race, Goat Tying
  3. Special Event Category III: Reining, Ranch Reining, Western Riding, Ranch Riding, Trail, Ranch Trail, Yearling In-Hand Trail, Yearling & 2-Year-Old In-Hand Trail, 3 Year Old & Older In-Hand Trail (Zone 12, 13, 14), Utility Driving
  4. Special Event Category IV: Hunter Hack, Hunt Seat Equitation Over Fences, Jumping, Preliminary Working Hunter, Working Hunter
  5. Special Event Category V: Breakaway Roping, Tie-Down Roping, Steer Stopping, Team Roping Heading, Team Roping Heeling, Timed Team Roping, Ranch Sorting, Team Penning, Cutting, Ranch Cutting, Working Cow Horse, Ranch Cow Work
  6. Special Event Category VI: Hunter Under Saddle, Pleasure Driving, Western Pleasure, Ranch Pleasure, Ranch Rail Pleasure
  7. Special Event Category VII: Showmanship, Hunt Seat Equitation, Western Horsemanship
  8. Special Event Category VIII: Ranch Horse Conformation, Ranch Pleasure, Ranch Trail, Ranch Reining, Ranch Cow Work, Ranch Riding, Ranch Rail Pleasure
  9. Special Event Category IX: Mounted Shooting
  10. Special Event Category X: Dressage
  11. Special Event Category XI: Competitive Trail Horse

Full guidelines for a Special Event can be found at SC-096. Special Paint Events and JU-000.C. Special Event Judges in the current APHA Rulebook.

1- & 2-Judge Shows

1-Judge and 2-Judge shows are fantastic for schooling and education based shows. Any individual or group in good standing with APHA can host these show types. Clinics can be held in conjunction with these show types and can use the show judge as the clinician. There are no minimum class requirements for these shows, and these shows are exempt from a number of show restrictions such as those that limit the number of times a judge can judge in a state/province/country in a season. However, these shows do have to abide by the mileage restriction rules. In addition, these shows maintain priority dates from year to year.

Full guidelines for Single-Judge Shows can be found at SC-100 and for Two-Judge Shows can be found at SC-105.B.1.


Paint-O-Rama’s, or POR’s, can be hosted by APHA Regional Clubs only, and each club is restricted to hosting 2 PORs a year (exception: clubs in zone 10 may hold up to 4 PORs a year and Livestock Shows/State Fairs may hold one POR with up to 3 judges per year without APHA Regional Club Sponsorship). PORs can have 3-4 judges and must abide by all mileage restrictions, judge restrictions, and minimum class requirements. Clubs may co-sponsor PORs with other Regional Clubs in order to host a POR outside of their club’s boundaries.


The purpose of the Zone-O-Rama, also known as a ZOR or Zone Show, is to encourage clubs within a zone to coordinate and work together to promote a large show and to utilize any net proceeds to promote the American Paint Horse and Paint Horse activities in their respective zone. ZORs must be hosted by a Zone Coordinating Committee, and each zone is allowed one ZOR per year. ZORs can have a maximum of 6 judges and must abide by all mileage restrictions, judge restrictions, and minimum class requirements.

For Rules and Bylaws regarding Zone Shows and Zone Coordinating Committees, see SC-105.B.3: Zone Shows and Article VIII: Zone Coordinating Committees.

ZOR Guidelines:

  • Form a Zone Coordinating Committee per Article VIII and SC-105.B.3 of the APHA Rulebook
    • The Zone Coordinating Committee will handle all of the business for the Zone Show and any other Zone business. The Zone show will not be approved until such time as the Coordinating Committee is formed.
    • Per Article VIII, the Organizational Zone Coordinating Committee will consist of an equal number of representatives from each state and/or regional club included in the zone that wishes to participate. Three per state is suggested. It is not mandatory for a state and/or regional club to participate. Each club, all National Directors with the zone and the Association must be contacted and given the opportunity to respond if they wish to participate. A staff representative or National Director may attend the zone meeting(s). Notification should be made at least 30 days prior to the organizational meeting.
    • Meeting/Officers
      • First Meeting
        • Set a meeting date and time with the Zone Coordinating Committee Representatives. Conference calls are acceptable.
        • It is suggested that this meeting take place at least eight (8) months prior to the projected show date.
        • Elect officers.
        • Incorporate the By-laws of the Zone Coordinating Committee and take care of any other preliminary zone business.
      • Second Meeting
        • Set a meeting date and time with the Zone Coordinating Committee Representatives. Conference calls are acceptable.
        • It it suggested that this meeting take place at least six (6) months prior to the projected show date. This meeting can take place immediately following the organizational meeting if in the first organizational year of the zone. Each club within the zone, all National Directors with the zone and the Association must be contacted at least 30 days prior to the meeting time.
        • Review and determine proposed Zone-O-Rama dates and locations and take care of any other zone business.
        • Subsequent to this meeting, write to each club and propose the date(s) and location, requesting their response of input into the date and location of the zone show to be in writing. Rule SC-090 shall apply.
  • Submission to the American Paint Horse Association. The following must be submitted to the Association annually:
    • A current year list of the Zone Coordinating Committee Representatives and Officers.
    • A copy of the Zone By-laws.
      • Copies of the letters sent to each club/state asking if they would like to co-sponsor the Zone-O-Rama Show and their responses.
      • Minutes from each of the two required meetings.
      • A copy of the annual financial report.
    • Zone-O-Rama Show Application
      • Show application should be filled out by Zone Coordinating Committee and sponsored by the Zone Coordinating Committee. The committee has the option to hire a professional show management group to conduct the show.
    • The following should accompany the application:
      • A letter from the Zone Coordinating Committee stating that they have approved the date and location of the Zone-O-Rama.
    • The Zone-O-Rama will not be listed in the Paint Horse Journal or online until all required submissions are received.

Suggested Timeline:

  • A minimum of eight months prior to the show date
    • Hold the first meeting to establish a zone coordinating committee, elect officers and incorporate bylaws. Each club within the zone, all State Directors within the zone and the Association must be contacted at least 30 days prior to the meeting time.
  • A minimum of six months prior to the show date
    • Hold the second meeting to propose show dates and locations and to complete show application and required submissions. Each club within the zone, all State Directors within the zone and the Association must be contacted at least 30 days prior to the meeting time.
  • A minimum of three months prior to the show date
    • Submit application and all required submissions listed above.

CHAMPs Program Classes

The Challenged Horseman and American Paints Program for Independent and Support Exhibitors (CHAMPS) program was created to give our members with certain mental and physical challenges the opportunity to feel the joy of competition on their American Paint Horse and earn recognition for their accomplishments. CHAMPS classes can be added to any APHA approved event, held as a stand-alone APHA approved CHAMPS event, or held in conjunction with an event recognized by another organization such as US Para-Equestrian. Class results are submitted along with the rest of the APHA show results.

See the current APHA Rulebook or the PDF below for rules regarding CHAMPS classes. Exhibitors must have complete Diagnosis, Adaptive Equipment & Riding Ability, and Responsibility forms on file with APHA in addition to a current APHA membership in order to compete in CHAMPS classes. These forms must also be presented to the show office with class entries. CHAMPS forms can be found on the Show Forms page.


Validating Show Entries

A show secretary’s job starts well before the first horse steps onto the showgrounds. Time spent validating entries that are submitted before the show can help catch exhibitors with missing paperwork or those that are ineligible for classes they have entered so that they can be fixed beforehand and save both the exhibitor and show in frustration and wasted fees. APHA provides a number of tools to make this validation process easier.

  • Show Management Services Site– Ensure that exhibitors have all of the necessary paperwork in order (memberships, show cards, ownership/relation to owner/show leases) and catch any typos in names and numbers. Horses can be looked up to see who the owner is, what registry they are in, if there is a current show lease on file, and what exhibitors are listed as a relation to the horse’s owner. Members can be looked up to see if they have a current membership and/or show card, and if they are currently suspended. Both of these search engines can also be used if a member does not remember their membership ID number or their horse’s registration number, as all of these fields must be completed in the results files for APHA to be able to accept them. The Show Results Upload can be used before the show to quickly check your entries for missing numbers, names that don’t match numbers, missing show cards, or missing ownerships, relationships, or leases.
  • Digital Card Download– Easily download the membership and show cards of any member if they cannot provide that to you themselves.
  • Show Forms– Exhibitors who need memberships and/or show cards can either fill out temporary applications at your show, which you will submit with your results to be processed by APHA before the results, or can fill out the forms provided online on the Show Forms page. If you need these forms please email Show Approvals Manager Allyson Pennington at allysonp@apha.com.
  • PHcentral– Exhibitors who do not own, or who’s immediate family does not own, the horse they are exhibiting and are planning to show in a division with ownership requirements will either need to establish that the owner is immediate family (which you would record in the show results so that it can be added to the horse’s profile), or submit a transfer or show lease to APHA. Both of these must be submitted directly to APHA for processing before the first day of the show, as the ownership of the horse must be on file with APHA at least one day prior to the start of the show they are exhibiting at. Both of these can be filed for on PH Central.

Submitting Results

Submitting your results electronically is the most efficient way for APHA to process the results and get them posted in a timely fashion. You may e-mail your results as long as they meet the requirements for sending results electronically. If you are using one of the approved software programs, the results are already formatted correctly. Contact the APHA Office at 817-834-2742 extension 410 for a list of approved software programs.

Show results with more than a 5% error rate will be returned to the show secretary for correction and resubmission, and late fees will be assessed. The Show Management Services site is a great tool to help show secretaries ensure that exhibitors have all of the necessary paperwork in order (memberships, show cards, ownership/relation to owner/show leases) and catch any typos in names, numbers, and class codes. Clean results enable APHA to process your show’s results quickly and provide better service to our members.

For more information regarding American Paint Horse Association approved shows contact the Show Approval Manager at showapproval@apha.com. A current list of Performance Department staff and their contact information can be found in the Staff Directory.