Congratulations to the Top 20 APHA shows in 2020

Each year, we recognize the 20 APHA shows with the highest number of exhibitors. 2020 was a difficult year, but 20 shows were able to persevere and put on a successful event.

The largest shows of 2020 were roughly 100 entries lower than the Top 20 shows of 2018 and 2019, most likely due to the restricted environment during the pandemic. The largest show in 2020 was the Fall Color Classic POR, sponsored by the Michigan Paint Horse Club, with 1,349 entries!

Congratulations to these shows and the clubs, sponsors, show managers and show secretaries that work tirelessly to make their shows successful and safe for our members year after year. As you’re planning your show season, keep an eye out for the Top 10 and Top 20 badges that these shows will be sporting on promotional materials, and visit to see the Top 20 shows from 2017-2020.


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