The Board of Directors is a dedicated group of individuals elected to set association policy.
The Board of Directors is responsible for planning the future of APHA with the guidance of the State Directors, while ensuring fiscal integrity. They welcome input and comments related to APHA.

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Meet the 2021 APHA Board of Directors nominees


Diane Alves

Diane Alves of Ballico, California, has been involved with APHA since her childhood. An APHA member for more than 30 years, Diane grew up showing in APHA as a Youth and learned firsthand the dedication and ethics she uses today in all aspects of her life.  She and her husband have been involved in the breeding side of APHA too, as well as in regional participation in a variety of disciplines.

Diane, who manages operations for a telemonitoring Health company, has been an APHA State Director from California since 2013 and has served on a number of committees. Involved with the San Joaquin Paint Horse Club from its inception, Diane has also been involved with the California Coordinating Committee to help advocate collaboration between all California clubs.

2021 MonikaHagen1020

Monika Hagen

Monika Hagen of Haldenwang, Bavaria, Germany, has been involved with Paint Horses for more than 30 years and is a lifetime APHA member. With the support of her husband and three children, Monika has owned, raised and shown Paint Horses since 1995.  In 2000, Monika was elected as a regional leader of Paint Horse Club Germany, and as the club’s president for four years, she was instrumental in managing the European Paint Horse Championship Show.  In addition, as manager of the family business – SQ Quality Horses – she has imported hundreds of horses from the US and Canada and bred more than 100 registered Paints that have gone on to successful careers.  Her APHA leadership experience began in 2000 and progressed to serving as chairman of the International Committee from 2015 to 2020.


Pat Newman

Pat Newman of Springfield, Illinois, has been involved with Paint Horses and been a life member since 1978.  He proudly served on the APHA Executive Committee from 1994 – 2001, including tenure as APHA President in 1999; during that tenure, Pat helped APHA accomplish unprecedented milestones such as retiring the debt on the Meacham property, purchasing the APHA ‘Legacy of Color’ bronze and maintaining the appropriate cash balanced in APHA’s investment accounts that helped secure APHA’s health in the present and future.  He served as chairman or vice chairman of several APHA advisory committees and on numerous special service committees and groups.

Pat has over 40 years experience in construction management and is knowledgeable of all aspects in managing a successful business.  He has experience in the APHA organization, funds management, regulations, legal, and banking and profitability.  He is also experienced in retail, advertising and business promotion and marketing.


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