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Showmanship and Rookie Award modifications among the 2022 Amateur & Youth rule updates now in effect

Several new Amateur and Youth show rules went into effect January 1, 2022. They are summarized below and reflect rule changes or clarifications passed during the 2021 Convention. Full rule text is available in the 2022 APHA Rule Book.

  • Showmanship exhibitors cannot be asked to show the horse’s teeth (AM-105.D.3.b & YP-100.D.3.b)
  • Penalties revised for hunt-seat equitation and Western horsemanship to remain consistent with NSBA and AQHA class rules (AM-110.K.1 & YP-115.K.1, AM-115.1 & YP-120.F.1)
  • Lead change verbiage was clarified for hunt-seat equitation and Western horsemanship. It can be designated as a simple lead change or the exhibitor can be given the option of performing a simple or flying lead change. (AM-115.E.6, AM-110.D.2, YP-115.D.2, & YP-120.C.1)
  • To be eligible for the Novice Youth or Amateur Rookie of the Year awards, an exhibitor cannot have earned any equine association points, money earnings, or a world or reserve world championship title. Please note, this is only one of the rookie eligibility requirements. (AM-071.A.1, YP-226.A.1)
  • Novice Amateur Reinstatement requires the exhibitor cannot have earned any performance points, money earnings, or a world champion or reserve world champion title in any recognized equine association within the last 10 years for the category in which they wish to be reinstated. Exhibitor must complete an application to be considered for reinstatement. (AM-205.A.5)
  • Show management MUST combine the Amateur 19 & Over division if it has less than three entries (AM-080.B)
  • An Amateur cannot have shown, ridden, trained or assisted in training of a horse for which the individual’s immediate family has accepted any form of payment (AM-010.A.2.b)
  • A WPRA membership only affects Amateur eligibility for those that hold a WPRA Barrel Racing membership (AM-010.A.1.e)


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