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English attire and ranch-event rules among the new modifications in effect for 2022

Several new show rules are in effect as of January 1, 2022. They are summarized below and reflect rule changes or clarifications passed during the 2021 Convention last February. Full rule text is available in the 2022 APHA Rule Book.

  • No minimum class requirements for stand-alone 1- and 2-judge shows (SC-100 & SC-105.B.1)
  • Flat caps and fedoras are legal English attire for exhibitors showing hunter prospects in Longe Line and Performance Halter. (SC-191.D, SC-193.E, & SC-195.A)
  • Water will be no longer allowed in water hazards for Trail, Yearling In-Hand Trail and 2-Year-Old In-Hand Trail. Water may be simulated by using a solid piece of painted wood. (SC-192.F.Division C, SC-194.F.Division C, SC-250.I.Division C.3)
  • ASTM/SEI helmets with harness are required for all Youth, Novice Amateur and Amateur Walk/Trot English classes. (SC-195.A.1)
  • Ranch Conformation is a new class. A blanket variance has been passed to suspend section 4 to this rule that requires the class to be held after the conclusion of the other ranch horse classes for 2022. (SC-301.E.1.g)
  • Standing in the stirrups or posting the extended trot in Ranch Riding is acceptable. (SC-302.D.8)
  • Penalties were revised for Ranch Cow Work and Western Riding to remain consistent with NSBA and AQHA class rules. (SC-301.E.c.5, SC-255.G)

Any questions regarding rules for the 2022 show season can be directed to [email protected].


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