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2020 Breeders’ Trust Pleasure Stakes Conditions Information

2020 Eligible 3-Year-Olds


$85,000 was paid out in the 4 Breeders’ Trust Pleasure Stakes classes at the 2019 APHA World Show

Read about those horses who earned a piece of the program’s highest payout to date below!

2-Year-Old Stories

Jay Starnes takes the prize with Never Had I Ever in 2019 APHA World Show Breeders’ Trust 2-Year-Old Western Pleasure Stakes

Laura Spell and All Time Vandal win the 2019 APHA World Show’s Breeders’ Trust 2-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle Stakes

3-Year-Old Stories

Undoubtedly overcomes uncertainty to conquer the Breeders’ Trust Non-Pro 3- & 4-Year-Old Western Pleasure Stakes

All Ways Lazy battles back to win the 2019 Breeders Trust Non-Pro 3- & 4-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle Stakes

Want a chance to win a piece of the $50,000+ purse at the 2020 APHA World Show?

Simplified eligibility requirements are here to stay for the 2020 APHA Breeders’ Trust Pleasure Stakes that make this lucrative program more accessible to Breeders’ Trust-nominated Paints and their owners.

In 2018, an expanded entry fee structure replaced the Select Sale making all Breeders’ Trust-nominated horses (Regular Registry and Solid Paint-bred) eligible to enroll into the APHA Breeders’ Trust Pleasure Stakes and take a shot at the $50,000+ payout at the 2020 APHA World Championship Show.


2020 APHA Breeders’ Trust Pleasure Stakes Classes

The following criterion will be used to make horses eligible for the APHA Breeders’ Trust Stakes classes:

  • Horses must be nominated to the Breeders’ Trust to be eligible.
  • Entry Fees:   

o   Yearling year – Postmarked November 1, 2019– $1,500 payment

Late Entry Fee – Postmarked November 2, 2019 – December 31, 2019 – $3,000 payment

No additional entries will be accepted after December 31, 2019.

o   2-year-old year – Initial Class Entry Payment- Postmarked June 1, 2020 – $725 (includes $225 admin. fee)

o   2-year-old year – Second Class Entry Payment- Postmarked August 7, 2020 – $500

Late Entry Fee – Postmarked August 2, 2020 until 5 p.m. day before class –  $1,500 + $225 admin fee

If entering both 2-year-old classes, an additional $1,000 entry fee will apply.

o   Total investment = $2,500/enrollment and entry + $225 admin. fee


Horses made eligible for the APHA Breeders’ Trust Pleasure Stakes classes during their yearling and 2-year-old year are able to compete in the following classes throughout their careers.

  •  2-Year-Old Western Pleasure and 2-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle (Payout 75% Open / 25% Limited)

Offered with a limited division as a class within a class.

Limited Division Eligibility Criteria:

—A Limited Rider is a rider that has not earned the following as of January 1 of the show year:

  • An APHA Open World Champion, Open Reserve World Champion, Challenge Champion, Reserve Challenge Champion, Breeders’ Trust Pleasure Stakes Champion or Reserve title between 2017-2019 in the same discipline in which they are exhibiting.
  • The Limited Champion or Reserve Limited Champion of the Breeders’ Trust 2-Year-Old Pleasure Stakes classes will not be eligible to compete as a Limited exhibitor the following year in the same discipline in which they are exhibiting.
  • Earned an AQHA Open World or Reserve World Champion title between 2017–2019 in the same discipline in which they are exhibiting.
  • NSBA lifetime earnings cannot exceed $15,000.

All Amateur and Youth are eligible (please see all eligibility criteria listed above). All Amateurs must own/lease their horse to be eligible to compete. Youth are not required to own/lease their horse to be eligible to compete.

  •  Non-Pro 3-Year-Old Western Pleasure and Non-Pro 3-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle (additional entry fees required)
    • Horse must have been enrolled in 2018 as a yearling.
    • Horses can be shown in the Breeders’ Trust Non-Pro 3-Year-Old Western Pleasure Stakes and/or the Breeders’ Trust Non-Pro 3-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle Stakes class.
    • Must be shown by a non-pro (Amateur or Youth exhibitor). Horse must be owned/leased byAmateur/Youth and/or the Amateur/Youth’s family member. See rules AM-020 and YP-015 for complete ownership/lease requirements.
    • $800 Entry Fee required; $400 first payment by June 1 and second payment by August 7 (85% of entry fee jackpotted into purse).
    • Both classes are eligible for NSBA dual approval with payment of the applicable fee.
    • APHA will guarantee $7,000 in combined total added money (combined overall and split based on entries) for 2020.
    • All fees listed above are per class. Additional fees will be required if entering both Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle classes in a given year.

 2-Year-Old Pleasure Stakes Payouts:

  • All fees are non-refundable. Administration fees retained by APHA.
  • All payments received will be paid out as follows:
    • $250/horse will be carried over to Non-Pro 3-Year-Old Stakes class purses.
      • 40% allocated to current year’s classes
      • 60% allocated to following year’s classes
    • All remaining payments, including partial and late payments, will be paid out during the 2-year-old year and split per class based on the total number of horses entered. Class purses split 75% to Open Division and 25% to Limited Division.
    • 2-Year-Old Purse—guaranteed  $5,000 minimum added per class (Western Pleasure & Hunter Under Saddle).


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