APHA Hall of Fame Nomination Information

The American Paint Horse Association has placed the Hall of Fame under the umbrella of the American Paint Horse Foundation. The Hall of Fame has been created to provide recognition to outstanding people and horses that have made extraordinary contributions to the Association, the Paint Horse breed, and the equine industry. Recognition as an APHA Hall of Fame inductee is the highest honor the Association grants.
APHA recognizes it is only through the incredible contributions of both people and horses that the Association and the Paint Horse breed have achieved their present stature and therefore honors both people and horses in the Hall of Fame.
The 2025 Hall of Fame Class will be inducted during the 2025 APHA World Championship Show, to be held in Fort Worth, Texas. Nominations are due by December 1, 2024 to be considered.

Criteria for Nominating a Person
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  • Nominees must have made outstanding and significant contributions to the APHA, the Paint Horse breed, or the Association over a significant period of years as a breeder; competitor, or contributor.
  • The contributions must have been influential to and supportive of the growth of the association and/or the breed.
  • The nominee must have been a member of APHA during the period of time of the activities submitted on the nomination form.
  • Nominees must have remained members in good standing throughout their APHA membership tenure.
    • If a nominee has been disciplined and loses membership privileges for any reason, the HOF committee may still approve the nominee for HOF induction if the committee concludes that the infraction for which the discipline was administered was not material to the nominee’s overall contributions to the association; provided, however, that the nominee is reinstated to full privileges within his/her tenure.
    • If a person is disciplined and loses membership privileges for life, fails to be reinstated to membership in good standing, and/or commits an infraction that is deemed, in the opinion of the selection committee, to have harmed or been detrimental to the good order and welfare of the breed, the committee will not recommend the nominee for induction.
  • A nominee may be living or deceased.

Criteria for Nominating a Horse
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  • The nominee (mare, stallion or gelding) must have made outstanding contributions to the American Paint Horse breed over a period of years as a sire, dam, or competitor, or, the nominee must have helped the association excel or brought extraordinary recognition to APHA and the American Paint Horse breed.
  • The nominee (mare, stallion or gelding) must be a registered American Paint Horse or a member of the population of horses that were contemporaries of the originating breed registration organizations.
  • Award shall be presented to the last owner of record. The breeder may purchase a duplicate trophy if they wish.
  • A nominee (mare, stallion or gelding) may be either living or deceased.

Nomination Process

  • Submissions should contain a completed nomination form highlighting a compilation of achievements, biographical information, related honors, and supporting documentation to illustrate the nominee’s contributions.
  • In addition to a completed nomination form, a minimum of two and a maximum of four unique letters of recommendation from different sources are required, as well as a photograph of the nominee. These letters may be sent by snail mail or email. It is the nominator’s responsibility to ensure that APHA has received these items.
  • Nominations for Hall of Fame inductees will not be accepted verbally.  Nominations are to be sent to the APHA Foundation, attn. HOF, 122 E. Exchange Ave., Suite 420, Fort Worth, TX 76164
  • Questions may be directed to jcrites@apha.com.

Additional Information

  • Nominators should be aware that any submission of information is done so with the full understanding that APHA may use and reproduce any information provided without consideration.
  • By submission of these materials, the nominator and nominee release all rights for distribution of the information provided within to media and the general public.
  • All materials submitted will be considered permanent donations to the APHA Hall of Fame.
  • Persons or horses nominated will be kept on file for five years if not selected for induction.  After the five-year period, the nomination must be resubmitted in its entirety to be reconsidered.