Our Heritage

In a kitchen 50 years ago, Rebecca Tyler Lockhart began her quest to establish a breed registry for stock-type Paint Horses. On February 16, 1962, a group of 17 convened and laid the foundation for the American Paint Stock Horse Association. In 1965 the association merged with the American Paint Quarter Horse Association to become the American Paint Horse Association.

Paint Horses and the people who believed in them shaped the APHA, and formed a legacy.

The American Paint Horse Foundation challenges you to become part of their lasting legacy by supporting the works of the APHF.

“People like Rebecca Tyler Lockhart, Junior Robertson and Jack Campbell 
stepped up 50 years ago, determined to leave the American Paint Horse 
brighter and more colorful than they found it.  
Take a lesson from the past.  
If you intend to be around for the 100th anniversary celebration, 
let the voices of the greats of the Paint Horse past guide you.  
Make things better than you find them today.
– Billy Smith