Download the Membership Forms

Join online on our secure server in the APHA Online section, or use the forms below.

If your intention is to show in Amateur/Novice Amateur/or Novice Youth a separate application must be filled out to be eligible for these categories. These forms can be found below.

Membership Application Form
Director Nominations Form

**NOTE: 2017 Applications will not be processed until mid-DECEMBER.  Documents that are mailed or faxed will need to be noted on the top of the application.  All Holiday Circuit and Stock Show Applications will be emailed so that you have them in time for the show.

2017 Amateur (Amateur, Novice Amateur, Walk-Trot) Application
2017 ONLINE Amateur (Amateur, Novice Amateur, Walk-Trot) Application

2017 Novice Amateur Reinstatement Request Form (must accompany amateur application)

2017 ONLINE Novice Youth Application

2016 Novice Youth Application
2016 ONLINE Novice Youth Application

Professional Horsemen Application

Foundation Scholarship Application


International Forms

Membership Application Form-Spanish (Español)

Membership Application Form-German (Antrag auf Mitgliedschaft)

Membership Application Form-Italian (Domanda di adesione)

Membership Application Form-French (Demande d’Adhésion)

Membership Application Form-Dutch (Aanvraag Lidmaatschap)

We’ve Got Your Number Recruitment Project Forms
We’ve Got Your Number Recruitment Membership Form
We’ve Got Your Number Info Flier

We’ve Got Your Number Recruitment Info Flier


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