Promoting your Event or Show

Use these tips to get the most out of your budget

Free Publicity

Classified websites like craigslist.com offer you the opportunity to advertise your event for free. Also posting about your event at online forums (like pleasurehorse.com) and groups (like Yahoo) can get the word out for free.
Local Media:
Write up a press release four weeks before your event and send it to local daily and/or weekly newspapers to be posted in their calendar sections. They might even send a reporter or photographer during your show to publicize it. Let the local media know if the event will benefit a charity or if there is a human interest story that is worthy covering. You never know what might attract the attention of a news producer or editor.
Equine Press:
Contact equestrian publications and websites at least two months before your event to get it publicized. Livestock publications are a good place to get the word out as well, as a percentage of their readers have horses.
Other Venues:
Post a flyer at local feed, tack and Western clothing stores. Contact your local Extension agent and ask him to spread the word about your show to area 4-H members. Ask local boarding stables if they would be willing to post a flyer about the show as well.


If you manage the advertising and promotion for more than one event, consider establishing an advertising contract with equine publications or websites. Ad rates usually decrease if you frequently advertise during the year.
If your event benefits a charity or is a fundraiser, ask your local newspaper if it offers charity rates for advertisements. These rates can be substantially lower and, in some cases, even free.
Trade Out:
Offer to hang a banner promoting the local newspaper, radio or television station in exchange for free advertising. They might even be willing to send out a live remote to the show.