Here is the cream of the crop from our 2017 Chrome APHA Member Model Search competition. A team of Chrome photographers sifted through more than 70 entries to come up with our Top 5 Cowgirls and Top 5 Cowboys.

Amanda May

Aubrey, TX
Age: 30
Height: 5’7”

I spend my days in a lab coat working in a R&D diagnostics laboratory and my evenings with my horses. Every day I switch out of my lab coat and into my boots and spurs. I am not sure if this makes me unique in the horse world, but I certainly know it makes me unique in my office. At work I am “the girl who has horses,” a name that I’m perfectly fine with and proud of.

Brittany Russell

Chandler, AZ
Age: 25
Height: 5’5”

Not only have I had a passion for horses for years, but I also have a passion for making a difference in people’s lives—even with something as simple as making people smile. I am always a little goofy and get a lot of satisfaction out of making people laugh. I’m especially good at making lip-syncing music videos!

Jennifer King

New Plymouth, ID
Age: 49
Height: 5’6”

How am I unique from the rest? Could it be I’m a married mother of five who is also a full-time pediatrician? Or that I still find time to ride and compete while attending kids functions? I’m only unique in the eye of the beholder that finds me that way. I am just another woman who enjoys a life with horses and would find this opportunity exciting and life changing.

To become the Chrome Model search winner for 2017 would be not only an honor but a dream come true.  Thank you for considering me to become this year’s winner.

Kelly Cummins

Tucson, AZ
Age: 32
Height: 5’7”

I have ridden and shown horses since I was a little girl, doing everything from hunter/jumper to Western pleasure. I currently show APHA all-around with my gelding Finally Hes Charming; we finished in the Top 20 for 2016. I guess you could say what makes me unique is my strong, positive attitude. I have been told people love stalling with me at shows because I have a smile on my face every day. I love APHA and being involved in my state Paint club.

Rayleigh Rowell

Bartlesville, OK
Age: 19
Height: 5’7”

I am a biology major at West Texas A&M University and on the varsity equestrian team. The team has made such a difference in my life; I’ve learned that, no matter win or lose, to always support the ones you love. Besides loving and riding horses, I enjoy flying airplanes.

I hope you’ll vote for me because I really do live the life advertised. Being an equestrian is more then just riding horses: it’s loving every late night in the arena, the permanent smell of fly spray in the barn and the random shavings stuck to clothes. This is not a hobby, it is a lifestyle.

Brian Henry

Loma, CO
Age: 29
Height: 5’ 11”

I was raised riding horses and I am an active, current Paint Horse trainer and breeder. I live with my beautiful family in Western Colorado. I’ve never entered anything like this before, and I’m turning 30 this year and thought it would be kind fun!

Roman Dinn

Gainesville, TX
Age: 24
Height: 6’

I am a graduate of Texas A&M University, and I avidly compete in both APHA and AQHA horse shows in the ranch, halter and reining events. I’m a reserve world champion and NRHA money-earner. I love to have fun with my horse show friends!

Kevin Otterness

Colorado Springs, CO
Age: 28
Height: 5’11”

Hi, I’m Kevin. I think of myself as a pretty average guy. I work full time in sales and marketing, and I’m also a horse trainer here in Colorado. It makes for really long days, but it’s worth it. A typical day for me is up by 4 a.m. for a morning ride, shower by 6 a.m.; work by 8 a.m.; back at the barn by 5:30 p.m. for more rides and lessons; and home by 10 p.m. So some time off would be nice!

Michael Davis

Seattle, WA
Age: 44
Height: 6’

I grew up on a 300-acre dairy farm, but we also had racehorses. The country life has always been a part of my life. I now live in Seattle. I like to keep my life as well rounded as possible. I train horses for a living, and I also play competitive volleyball and softball. I also like hitting the slopes on my snowboard as much as possible. I love living the country life, but I also enjoy being in the city.

Scot Hull

Shelby, NC
Age: 50
Height: 6’1”

I’m 50 years young and just now learning to ride our Paint Horse, Tilly. I am married to my wife, Amy, and we have a son named Zeb. I’m pretty good with horses, but much better with Border Collies, Beagles and Australian Shepherds. Our Border Collie, Lucy, goes everywhere with me, even on the tractor. I fix computers and networks in the daytime and work at the family farm in the evenings. I’m eager to learn new things and not afraid of a challenge.

I think people should vote for me because I’m friendly, adventurous and strive to be an excellent role model for everyone. I believe in strong values and steadfast determination in achieving your life goals.

Grand Prize
Our grand prize winners (male & female) will receive:

-Travel and accommodations (airfare, hotel and shuttle service, as needed)
-Starring role in the Winter Fashion Shoot
-Mychromelife.com exclusive online article
Chrome gift bag


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