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Youth World Show Roundup: Big money in Youth halter

Big money was on the line for Youth halter classes at the AjPHA Youth World Championship Show, thanks to a visionary group of supporters who recognize the value of supporting the next generation of halter enthusiasts.

Each world championship halter class—10 in all—had more than $5,800 in scholarships available for exhibitors placing first through sixth, plus a randomly drawn scholarship.

In addition to more money on the line than ever before, new for 2015 were rookie, no trainer and intermediate scholarships. Rookie scholarships, valued at $250, were awarded in each class to the highest-placing exhibitor who had never before shown at the APHA or AjPHA Youth World Championship Show. Scholarships for $250 were awarded in each class to the highest-pacing Youth showing without receiving assistance from a trainer in the last 120 days. The Layne Barrett Armstrong Intermediate Scholarships, valued at $500 each, were awarded to the highest-placing overall Intermediate exhibitor—one who has never placed in the Top Five of a halter class at the AjPHA Youth world Championship Show—in mares and geldings.

These awesome scholarships are made possible by the American Paint Horse Foundation and the Halter Industry Friends, a group of dedicated halter supporters—check out the full list of donors here.

Congratulations to our Youth who are taking home big bucks for college thanks to our Halter Industry Friends and APHF.

alexis_dec6313Youth Aged Geldings
1st: RH CK Kid exhibited by Alexus Cole $1,750 and $250 No Trainer
2nd: Rockin Classics Heart exhibited by Justin Moody $1,400
3rd: The Only Alibi exhibited by Nicholas Gralla $1,000
4th: Heza Lees Delight exhibited by Harli Hunt $600
5th: Wicked Addiction exhibited by Rylan Burns $500
6th: He Scores exhibited by Katie Leonarski $400
Random: Catherin Blackmon exhibiting Impulsion $150
Rookie: Destiny Clagg exhibiting Wicked Roses, $250

Youth Aged Mares
1st: Angelica Imprinted exhibited by Courtney Eubanks $1,750 and $250 Rookie
2nd: MNC Kupcakez exhibited by Phillip Groeb 1$,400
3rd: Kids Rain exhibited by Erin Wright $1,000
4th: Lap Dancin Tees exhibited by Justin Moody $600
5th: Mmm Mmm Good exhibited by Curtis Howerton $500 and $250 No Trainer
6th: Be Envyd exhibited by Nathan Wright $400
Random: Bo Yount exhibiting Frosted Perfection $150

Youth 3-Year-Old Geldings
1st: Styled Right exhibited by Belle Rotan $1,750
2nd: Awesome Uno exhibited by Emily Kelley $1,400 and $250 Rookie
3rd: Thats So Final exhibited by Teagan Goble $1,000 and $250 No Trainer
4th: R Casual Casanova exhibited by Aaron Chenoweth $600

Youth Solid Paint-Bred Geldings
1st: FF Executable exhibited by Colton Baxley $1,750
2nd: Heza A Casual Mr Too exhibited by Madison Reeves $1,400 and $250 Rookie
3rd: Classic Connection exhibited by Justin Boulware $1,000
4th: The Perfect Copy exhibited by Reese Nelson $600
5th: FF Heza Cool Flirt exhibited by Peyton Hoffpauir $500 and $250 No Trainer
6th: Hes Lopin Spotless exhibited by Caitlyn Malyk $400
Random: Zanna Sullivan exhibiting JZA Wyatt I Zipt $150

Youth 3-Year-Old Mares
1st: JWR Shez Got Bling exhibited by Jenna Engle $1,750 and $250 Rookie
2nd: Classy With Curves exhibited by Domenick Hiebing
3rd: TR Midnite Intention exhibited by Shyanne Smith

taylor_phj4000Youth 2-Year-Old Geldings
1st: Ill Be Awesome exhibited by Taylor Cartmell $1,750 and $250 Rookie and $250 No Trainer and $500 Layne Barrett Armstrong Intermediate Scholarship
2nd: Hes Double Printed exhibited by Teagan Goble $1,400
3rd: Casual Commander exhibited by Bo Yount $1,000
4th: Why Keep Secrets exhibited by Carley Rinn $600
5th: Hes Stylin To Win exhibited by Hannah Alexander $500
6th: The Professional Look exhibited by Colton Baxley $400
Random: Peyton Hoffpauir exhibiting FF Sensational Kid $150

Youth 2-Year-Old Mares
1st: Shezmaknacquisitions exhibited by Justin Christensen $1,750 and $250 Rookie and  $500 Layne Barrett Armstrong Intermediate Scholarship
2nd: Marabella exhibited by Nathan Wright $1,400
3rd: TDKids Chantilly Lace exhibited by Rylan Burns $1,000
4th: Finessem In Print exhibited by Justin Moody $600
5th: Truly Xtreme exhibited by Grace Hayslip $500

Youth Solid Paint-Bred Mares
1st: Dominant Equilibrium exhibited by Logan Larman $1,750 and $250 Rookie
2nd: Bear Foot Clu exhibited by Justin Moody $1,400
3rd: Cool Secret Sierra exhibited by Carley Rinn $1,000
4th: Invite Beth exhibited by Crystal Johnson $600 and $250 No Trainer

haltergrace_dec5934Youth Yearling Geldings
1st: Coolest Ambition exhibited by Grace Hayslip $1,750
2nd: Brooks N Irish exhibited by Hailey Ousey $1,400
3rd: Stone Cold Stylin exhibited by Phillip Groeb $1,000 and $250 Rookie

Youth Yearling Mares
1st: Red Hot N Stylish exhibited by Phillip Groeb $1,750 and $250 Rookie
2nd: My Secret Dream exhibited by Korbin Larman $1,400
3rd: Hot Damn Ima Western exhibited by Shyanne Smith $1,000
4th: KR Lone Star Lola exhibited by Belle Rotan $600
5th: Sheza Mirror Image exhibited by Alexus Cole $500 and $250 No Trainer
6th: Uno Im Dreamy exhibited by Madison Reeves $400
Random: Morgan Box exhibiting MS XC Lent Conclusion $150


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