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Youth World Show Roundup: Texas triumphs in Youth Team Tournament

The 2015 AjPHA Youth Team Tournament was once again a success, with teams representing regional clubs from all over the country. Team Tournament consists of three main sections:

  • Performance Classes: Designated team members participate in five classes: Showmanship, Hunt-Seat Equitation, Western Horsemanship, Barrel Racing and Walk-Trot Pleasure. Up to two contestants per team may compete in any one class, and top-placing contestants earn points for their team’s overall ranking.
  • Knowledge Relay: Participants navigate through an obstacle course while performing a variety of horse-related activities. Each team consists of up to five members, and participation from each age group—including even the youngest Walk-Trot exhibitors—is encouraged in this fun event that emphasizes the importance of teamwork.
  • Hippology: This portion of the contest puts team members’ horsey know-how to the test. Up to eight members per team collectively complete a hippology—general horse knowledge—test as a group. Questions range from equine anatomy and physiology to situational questions and everything in between. Test scores are added to the team points.


Texas Team Blue was this year’s overall winner; the results of Team Tournament are as follows:

  1. Texas Team Blue: Faith Dugdale, Madeleine Frere, Sabine Lazo, Haley Thomas, Julie Hill, Raygan Follis, Taylor Eller, Lexi Gutfranski, Rebecca Summer, Treylyn Hancock1st place Equitation

    1st place Barrel Racing

    3rd place Hippology

    3rd place Barrel Racing

    3rd place Equitation

    3rd place Walk-Trot Pleasure

    4th place Knowledge Relay

    5th place Walk-Trot Pleasure

    5th place Showmanship at Halter

  2. Upper Midwest Team: Amoreena Most, Mckenna Martin, Sydney SchmidtJulianne Nagy, Olivia Bass, Mackenzie Gail Chapman, Reece Chapman

    1st place Knowledge Relay

    2nd place Hippology

    2nd place Barrel Racing

    2nd place Western Horsemanship

    2nd place Walk-Trot Pleasure

    3rd place Western Horsemanship

    4th place Showmanship at Halter

  3. Iowa Paint Horse Youth Club: Abigail Merschman, Raigen FurnessWhitney Vesey, Kirsten Pfab, Samantha Daily, Lily Anderson, Mallory Vroegh

    1st place Hippology

    1st place Western Horsemanship

    1st place Showmanship at Halter

    2nd place Knowledge relay

    2nd place Showmanship at Halter

    4th place Western Horsemanship

    5th place Equitation

  4. Team Oklahoma: Alyssa Sappington, Cara Christensen, Morgan ThomasAvery Rees, Lana Grace Kidd, Taylor Tuso, Brianna Tuso, Lauren Gralla

    4th place Hippology

    4th place Walk-Trot Pleasure

    4th place Barrel Racing

    4th place Western Horsemanship

    4th place Equitation

    5th place Western Horsemanship

  5. Illinois Junior Paint Horse Club: Alexa Grace Hattan, Brady Hattan, Sydney Depauw

    1st place Walk-Trot Pleasure

    3rd place Knowledge Relay

    5th place Hippology

  6. Colorado Junior Paint Horse Club: Abby Rasmussen, Hagen Davis, Alexis Sage Miller, Hannah Murusky, Breanna Hitner, Maggie Collins

    2nd place Equitation

    3rd place Showmanship at Halter

    5th place Knowledge Relay

  7. Arizona Paint Horse Club: Airyan Conn, Madyson Peters, Alyssa Donelson, Madyson Peters, Kieli Adkins

    5th place Barrel Racing

For more Youth World Show results, visit the AjPHA Youth World Championship Show event page on Facebook. Tag your own pictures and join the conversation by using #APHAywcs. Find great candid shots and more at j.mp/YWCSphoto15. Show-ring shots available through Official Show Photographer Larry Williams Photography: http://bit.ly/1g2eADs.



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