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Dog Days

To The Dogs Winter 2019 Quiz Not all service/support dogs are created equal! Hilton Butler, Chrome’s canine columnist, explained the difference between therapy, service and support dogs in his Winter 2019 Chrome column—take the quiz below to see if you can spot the differences...
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Sing Out Loud

Cowgirl singer Jean Prescott pours her heart and soul into the lyrics she captures in song and the melodies she strums on her guitar. Win a copy of Jean’s award-winning CD “Satisfied Hearts,” named the 2018 IWMA Traditional Western Album of the Year—APHA members,...
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By Billy Smith It startled me like few things ever have. Like an equestrian vagabond, I found myself subconsciously wondering through the world of unicorns on the deep-reaches of the Internet; more specifically, I was shopping for two horses. Two calm, kind, perfect Paints...
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Tell it to my Heart

By Delores Kuhlwein She breathed softly, and the shavings rustled as she blew breath. I dropped to my knees as I approached her. Reaching her neck, I placed my hand on her shoulder and combed the fingers of my other hand through her soft white...
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Ranch Vogue

By: Chrome Staff Photography by: Moses Olmos When you’ve got an eye for fashion, the world is your runway. The same holds true for trendy horsemen and -women with a love for all things Western, too. Barn aisles and rodeo stands become catwalks for...
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Family Ties

By: Rachel Florman Photography by Holley Underhill Colorful horses brought friendship and joy to Marylyn Caliendo’s family. Now, she’s returning the favor for the greater Paint Horse community, after having to put one of her sons in an alcohol rehabilitation center, she is more...
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Natural Camouflage

By Katie Navarra Photography by Holley Underhill Holley Underhill shares her love of Paint Horses through her masterful photography and selective breeding program. Before the sun has fully peeked its head over the horizon, Holley Underhill has fed horses, cleaned stalls and, if the...
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Winter Wool

By Raquel Lynn Layer on quality wool pieces to stay warm and set trends this winter. Snowy days and festive-yet-frigid nights out offer a change of scenery but sometimes pose a wardrobe challenge—how do you stay warm while dressing to impress? The answer: Wool....
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At Home in the Mountains

By Megan Brincks Escape the hustle of winter with an adventure in Colorado’s majestic Rocky Mountains. Snow gently floats from the sky, settling on pine branches lining the trail. The stillness of the woods gives a sense of other-worldliness, almost an optical illusion as...
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