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APHA’s Regional Club Sponsorship Program is Back

APHA is offering a great opportunity for regional clubs to earn cash through its popular Regional Club Sponsorship Program in 2014. This popular program rewards these grassroots organizations for their efforts to encourage participation, recruit new members, offer creative formats and enhance exhibitors’ experiences at their regional club-sponsored APHA shows.

In 2014, APHA will offer $1,000 cash awards to five clubs for use at a regional club-sponsored Paint-O-Rama show or one- and two-judge shows hosted by the club in 2014. Clubs are only be eligible for the sponsorship once in a two-year period, and they must be in good standing with APHA. The club must fulfill all the annual regional club requirements, and the show must also be approved and all show fees paid in order to be eligible for the award.

Applications for the Regional Club Sponsorship Program are available online and due to APHA by May 15.

For more information, contact Regional Club Manager Julie Haney via email or by calling (817) 222-6404. 



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