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Read Flash Magazine for Free Online

flashcoverFlash made a huge splash when it mailed with the March 2014 Paint Horse Journal. A new, annual supplement to the Journal, Flash celebrates fast horses excelling in timed competition, the people who love them and the unique, heart-pumping lifestyle surrounding the sports of racing, barrel racing, roping, mounted shooting, ranch sorting and team penning.

But if you missed the mailing of the print copy, head over to MyFlashyRide.com to check out the digital version of the magazine. Articles include:

Shine On: Life with horses doesn’t start and end in the saddle; it’s a lifestyle. And if you love your flashy Paint Horses, you’ll love this spread of gorgeous photos featuring real APHA members modeling all the latest bling. From humans to horses to dogs, we left no stone left unturned in our search for ways to stand out from the crowd.

Pretty. Fast.: Readers of Flash have a real need for speed, and this article features tips from a variety of breeders of fast Paints who are striving to improve the breed one generation at a time.

Champions Corner: Read about the Paint winners from the premier speed events of 2013.

Double Dip: Learn how to make the most of your APHA membership by earning points through the association and its affiliate partners.

Unique by Design: It’s no accident that these Paints from all our speed disciplines are winners. Hear their stories and discover how they made it to the winner’s circle.

If you’re like many of our readers, there’s nothing quite like holding a magazine in your hands for the full experience. To purchase print copies of Flash, call (817) 222-6430 or email our Circulation Coordinator.

Want more? Don’t forget to keep an eye at MyFlashyRide.com/News for regular news stories and features about fast Paints and the people who love them.


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