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Paints Dazzle Audiences in Upcoming Movie

Riding is all about heart—and Paints are helping to prove it in the movie Cowgirls n’ Angels: Dakota’s Summer. The movie becomes available for early-release on iTunes and Amazon April 1.

Featuring fast Paints and the heart-pounding, fearless talent of trick riders, Dakota’s Summer is a family-friendly tale of a young girl and her journey to arena success. The movie is the sequel to Cowgirls n’ Angels, a 2012 movie that follows similar themes of trick riding, courage and family.

To create the dazzling equine performances, movie producers enlisted the help of the Dynamite Dames, a three-woman trick-riding group from Texas.

“The Dynamite Dames have been together for about two years,” member Ginger Duke said. “Two of us have been riding together for six or seven years. We’ve performed at shows and rodeos, but Dakota’s Summer was my first time working with a movie.”

The equestrian from Weatherford, Texas, and her team enlisted the help of some talented Paints. The equine stars include Tee Jay Boregard, a 1999 black solid gelding by Mr Candy Man and out of Fancy Roman Joy (QH), and Cuttersproxycharge, a 1999 bay tobiano mare by Cutters Red Man and out of Dilly Of A Charge (QH).


The movie also stars Spanish Gold Charge, a 2005 palomino overo stallion by Ikes Spanish Tivio (QH) and out of Delters Dawn. In the movie, Spanish Gold Charge is the heroine’s mount for her comeback performances.

The trick riders and their Paints spent more than two weeks filming the stunts for the movie in the heat of the summer in Ruston, Louisiana.

“It was an amazing experience—we didn’t want to leave,” Ginger said. “The actors and actresses were incredibly nice and very easy to work with, and the directors treated us and our horses like royalty. I’d love to work with them again, if possible.”

Outside of gracing the silver screen, the Paints are seasoned performers who also spend time helping up-and-coming riders hone their skills.

“My Paints are solid as a rock,” Ginger said. “They’re definitely an essential part of our team. They know the difference in the skill level of their riders—they’ll go slower for a less-experienced girl or they can speed up if they can tell you’re confident.”

The PG-rated film debuts on the big screen at the Dallas International Film Festival April 5. The movie is as a digital download April 1 via iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and a host of other venues. The movie becomes available at Walmart April 25.

Ginger is eagerly awaiting the movie’s release, although the trailers already have her excited; she can be seen in the trailer performing a one-foot stunt and a cartwheel vault aboard her fast-moving mounts.

Cowgirls N’ Angels did a very good job of portraying trick riding, so we’re excited to see what footage they used in Dakota’s Summer,” Ginger said. “Judging by the trailer and what we’ve heard, the sequel will have even more stunts; I can’t wait to watch it!”



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