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APHA welcomes Nutrena as newest 2017 World Show sponsor

APHA is delighted to welcome Nutrena as the newest 2017 World Show sponsor. As a World Show Sponsor, Nutrena will provide a variety of awards for the 2017 Youth World Championship Show and the 2017 Open/Amateur World Championship Show.

Since its early beginnings in 1922 Kansas City, Kansas, and since moving under the Cargill name, Nutrena has been a trend-setting player in the feed industry. From being the first to come out with a colored feed bag to launching new premium horse feeds that help horses perform with excellence, Nutrena works to exceed their customers’ expectations and help fuel their horses.

In order to stay at the top of their game and keep building on their excellent reputation, Nutrena’s team continuously researches ingredients and nutrients that they put in their feed. Nutrena ensures the same high-quality feed in every one of their bags by emphasizing nutrients over ingredients, verified nutrition analysis and formulation for optimum performance.

“Our goal is to provide consistent, high quality feed that horses love to eat and that is easy for consumers to buy,” Cargill’s Equine Marketing Communications Lead Tiffany Towne said. “We work hard to make sure that the feed provides the visible results that horse owners are looking for.”

The team at Nutrena ensures all feed is consistent in its taste, appearance and nutritional quality through a strict quality-assurance program and stringent supplier guidelines.

“Nutrena knows how to feed a horse so that he’s at his best for competition,” APHA Senior Director of Show & Contest Holly Slaughter said. “We and our members love Nutrena’s dedication to the industry. They set the bar higher for themselves so our horses can keep going above and beyond.”

The 2017 AjPHA Youth World Championship Show takes place June 26–July 9 and the 2017 Open/Amateur World Championship Show is September 20–October 1 at Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas. While some of the best Paints in the world vie for the top titles, spectators will also have the opportunity to check out the trade show filled with many Western and equestrian vendors.

For more information about Nutrena, go to nutrenaworld.com. To learn about APHA’s World Championship Shows, check out aphaworldshow.com.


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